folding hook guide

Welcome to the folding hook install guide.

Please check this important note below before starting:

Expand Furniture Inc declines all liability caused by the incorrect assembly installation of the hook. Please make sure to anchor this to your wall properly.
We have included some anchors which will work on drywall. Each hook is rated for 50lbs of strength. If you have a different wall type you need to use the appropriate anchors for your wall. Make sure your anchors have at least 100 lbs of strength combined.

The anchors we include are for drywall / Gypsum. Instructions below are for drywall.

Step 1: Open your hook and place it against the wall. With a pencil, through the not yet used holes, you can mark the wall.

Step 2: Drill the hole openings in your wall. 5/8 inch drill bit

Step 3: Insert the bolts through the folding hook and place the opened anchors on the ends.

insert bolts through the folding hook into anchors

Step 4: Close the anchor ends, 1 in each hand, at the same time and place them just inside the hole opening. (You can start screwing the bolts in partially to make the next step less work)

Insert folding hook and anchors into wall - don't push through yet

Step 5: Push the anchor through the wall and with 1 hand pull the hook away from the wall, and the other screw in the bolt (if you don’t pull away from the wall the bolt won’t tighten)

Tighten while pulling back at the same time on the hook a

Step 6: Optionally add in some extra support screws below.