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Abracadabra! Slick compact console units that are unobtrusive against a wall when space saving is needed and then can miraculously open up and turn themselves into giant tables…it sounds like a genie in a bottle! Indeed, these magically space saving furniture can seat an intimate four setting or right up to a whopping 14 people if needed. The adjustable sizing is achieved by the matching surface leaves which offer up all sorts of multi functional extending table options. Some of the styles are deceivingly compact in size and yet expand to tremendous lengths. These styles of tables work well either in kitchens or for conferences, when not being used as a designer side table displaying ornaments.

Junior Giant Console to Dining Table Space Saving Expand Furniture

Looking for even more subtlety and functionality? Something that can be tucked away, the optimally sized coffee to dining tables and console-to-tables are extremely practical and with a quick shift, twists and turns & voila the table doubles in size for 4-6 people to dine. Optimizing your space in a smaller room is fully realized when the leaves pack down and are self contained in the same console unit. Modern designs and high quality finishes make the products stand out in fashion forward homes as well as being traditional enough to blend into any environment whether it be your home or office. From desk size consoles, to dinner sized space saving dining sets, and even conference sized we have it all, browse our online catalogue of console to dining tables.

Top Rated Console Table Store

Expand Furniture has a five-star selection of space-saving console tables that transform into dining room tables. When necessary, these handy pieces of furniture can stay tucked out of the way, disguised as a console table or even a desk. Then, when you need the space for entertaining guests or family, simply unfold the console table into a dining area that can seat anywhere from 4-14+ people. These tables are crafted with high-quality mechanics and durable materials, and are backed by incredible warranties. Our customer service at Expand Furniture is always available to answer questions and provide assistance in any way possible for you.

Best Console to Dining Tables

Our highly-rated console-to-dining tables at Expand Furniture are the ultimate space saver for any small home or tiny city apartment. These nifty transforming tables are sleek, durable, and available in a wide variety of colors, heights, and materials. The options are almost endless. Boasting practicality, affordability, and functionality, our sleek expanding tables are perfect for the tiniest apartment or even a conventional home. Along with rapid delivery service and unbeatable warranties, these extendable dining sets are affordable for everyone and can help optimize any small space. Browse through our wide selection today to find the perfect transforming console table for you!

Extending Console Table Expand Furniture for Sale Online

Popular Console Tables For Sale

The extending dining tables and console tables at Expand Furniture are some of our most popular furniture pieces, and it is not hard to see why! Transforming from a regular, compact console table or desk tucked against a wall, to a giant dining room table that can seat up to 14 people, these tables are unbeatable! Perfect for a dorm room, city apartment, conventional home, tiny home, or Grandma’s cabin, our extendable console tables are extremely practical and affordable. These are available in a variety of sizes, from regular to counter height, and can seat any number of people for the ultimate hosting experience.

Space Saving Console Table Online

Impress all your friends with one of our highly popular space-saving console tables. With a quick flip, unfolding, extending, or opening, these compact little tables can magically transform into a full size space saving dining room table. Then when you need more space after dinner, just fold the table back down to its original size and voila! You have extra space for other activities. Optimize your small space and unlock its full potential with these space-saving furniture creations. Our goal at Expand Furniture is to help you live smarter and expand your space, and our expandable console-to-dining tables do just that! Built with the highest quality material and still offered at affordable prices, our transforming console tables are perfect for any home.

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Not only do we offer amazing, magically transforming console tables and space saving tables at affordable prices, but we have a selection of them on sale at an even greater discount for you. Each table is available in multiple colors and sizes, so you are sure to find the best fit for the needs of your home. Shop our online selection of console tables on sale from the comfort of your couch, and contact us with any questions you may have. Remember to check each posting for exact measurements and other pertinent information so you can make an informed decision before your purchase. With our rapid delivery rates and excellent customer service, you are sure to be pleased with your order!

Five Star Storage Console Tables

At Expand Furniture, we have a wide selection of storage console tables and wall bed desks available for every homeowner. From sleek and modern design, to attractive and mid-century style, there is something for everyone. Each unique console-to-dining table is crafted with functionality and versatility in mind, to help maximize any small space in your home. Along with unbeatable warranties and exceptional delivery service, these space saving tables are built to last and are a fantastic addition to every home or apartment!

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With the multi-functionality of our extendable console tables, it is easy to see why customers are so pleased with their purchases. We have an excellent record of five-star ratings and reviews, due to our exceptional products and prompt delivery service. Anytime you need assistance, our friendly customer service team is available to speak with you. Read below to see what previous customers are saying and Expand Furniture is the best choice for you.

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Extending Console Table Buyers Guide

When you need a unique and creative way to improve the space in your small apartment, look no further than Expand Furniture. Our extendable console tables can transform from a compact console to a dining table that seats 14+ people! Each table is listed with exact measurements and instructions for use, along with all the warranty information and more. When you have questions, our friendly team is available to help and provide guidance for you.

Browse Transforming Console Tables

When you have a small home but want the ability to host friends or family, our compact console table units are perfect for you. Within seconds, your transformed console table can easily expand into a full-size dining table for a meal.

Buy A Small Space Console Table Online

Our compact console tables at Expand Furniture are highly versatile. Some of the styles are deceivingly compact and yet can expand to fit 14+ people within seconds. Browse our selection today to find the right size for you.

Purchase Extendable Console Table

Offered at affordable rates, our transforming console tables are crafted with high-quality materials and offered with unbeatable warranties. They are available in multiple styles and sizes, sure to fit with the theme of any home.

Mid-Century Console Tables

Shop our transforming mid-century console tables and extending mid century console to dining tables or coffee to dining tables for the ultimate tool in optimizing your space and making your home work for you.

Rustic Console Table Rebates

The practical extendable console tables at Expand Furniture are offered in rustic style, perfect for your family’s little getaway cabin. Browse more traditional console to dining tables online now.

Contemporary Console Tables

The sleek, modern design of these compact console tables is unobtrusive while adding an air of functionality. Shop Expand Furniture’s line of space saving contemporary console tables.

#1 Console Tables Discounts

As the #1 provider of extendable console tables, Expand Furniture uses only high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship. Shop our entire collection of top console tables.

Console Tables On Clearance

Shop our clearance to find the perfect console table for your tiny home at an even more affordable price. Expand Furniture offers a large selection of compact, space-saving console tables and coffee to dining tables.

Top Small Home Console Table

With excellent warranties and rapid delivery, our magically transforming console tables are top of the line and built to last. Start saving space in your home today with Expand Furniture.