Junior Giant – Extending Table Transformer Seats 12


Junior Giant – Extending Table Transformer Seats 12


A revolutionary expandable design, the Junior Giant console transforming table has 5 extensions with built in magnets and a revolving support leg. Build it to size from a small console all the way up to a 12 person dinner table. Adjustable to multiple sizes, the Junior Giant is very sturdy and can support a large feast while also looking great as a small table. Ultra compact leaves for easy storage. Finished in glossy paint, wood veneer as well as new panel versions with a slightly different face design.   Make it a dining set with the Bench + Nano add on

Shipping ~ 2 weeks: USA / Canada & International
3 year warranty + 7 day trial with easy returns

The Junior Giant extending console to table transformer seats 12. You can build it to size with the thin easy to store magnetic extensions. The central support leg revolves to stay out of your way.  800+ lbs of distributed weight capacity can handle any meal and a whole family of elbows on the table thanks to the rotating support bar and tight extensions with snap magnets. Easy enough to be moved by 1 person: The underside of the tables legs are on wheels as well as felt sliders, so the table moves easily whether on hardwood, tile or carpet. Add in just 1 extension to make it a small desk or add all five to make a dinner or conference table. Expand your possibilities with the most advanced extending console dinner table on the market!

Free up space in your home while also having the option for a larger table.

Over 10 years ago we set out to make the best extending dining table possible and we did not stop there. Every year we iterate and improve it, resulting in a table that is loved by customers with a proven track record of exceptional mechanics.

Junior giant console extending table transforms into a bigger table

How Does It Work?

1 person can move & transform this table

The table extends with a smooth telescopic mechanism

Add 1 to 5 extensions & build it to size.  Seats up to 12

Junior Giant extending table transforms into large dinner table modern style white gloss


800 lb+ weight capacity

Rotating support bar stays out your legs’ way

Extensions snap together with magnets. No bulky latches


Each leaf extends your table 17.71 inches and we include 5 of them. Add as few or as many as you need.


Junior Giant 6 tables in 1 extendable expanding table

Jr Giant Compacted Size
Height: 29.72 inches  Width: 37.4 inches
Depth: 17.32 inches (Please note the “panel” version is 18.7″ deep)

Jr Giant Fully Extended Size
Height: 29.72 inches Width: 37.4 inches
Depth/Length: 106 inches (panel version is 107.5″)

5x Extension Leaves: Each leaf extends your table 17.71 inches and we include 5 of them. Add as few or as many as you need.

Better Design: With tight dowels and internal magnets that snap, these extensions stay together without bulky latches or the requirement of huge storage. For smart space saving we suggest storing extensions in a closet or cupboard, 2 per side. We also have furniture storage options like the Occulto Mirror as well as tables. See the popular pairings section for more options.


No Assembly Required
This product is fully assembled out of the box and is ready to use right away.

1 Person Transformation
Under the table we have hidden wheels & felt sliders so 1 person can easily move this table around and extending it feels easy.

Superior Mechanics
Smooth ball bearing mechanism with zero mechanical issues since our first model introduced in 2012.

Capacity & Support bar
High weight capacity (800+ lbs spread out). Never sit/stand on tables.
The support bar can be rotated to stay out of your legs way and adds extra strength. The support bar is not required for 2 extensions and under.

Cleaning Options
Mild soap and water with a micro-soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or chemicals.

Available Finishes:
Glossy Paints in White & Red. Non porous, stain and water resistant, easy clean surface.
Wood Veneer: Black Wood. Natural wood surface stained jet black. Treated.
Panel Editions:  Concrete Texture, Chocolate Walnut. Highly stain, heat, scratch, stain and water resistant. Panel version is best for families with young children or guests who might not be as careful.

Shipping Information
USA & Canada ~2 weeks. Worldwide Shipping ~ 2-3 weeks. Fully insured for safe delivery.

Warranty & Returns
3 year warranty + 7 day trial with easy returns.  Store policy

Popular Pairings & Options:

Seating pairings

Nano Chairs 8-12 bundle add on
Mini Scatola bench + 4 Nano bundle add on
Mini Scatola 2x Benches (Both benches fit under the console!)
Companion Cube – 5 chairs in 1 Ottoman

Alternative options:
We also have a Junior Giant – Counter height model
We have a more compact ‘Junior Giant Edge‘ version.
Looking for table models that self store the leaves? View the Cubist. View our Self vs Separate Storage Buyers guide here

Extension storage options

Occulto extensions mirror
Trove storage table
Pratico or Reveal beds store extensions & 8 nano chairs

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Panel Finish

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Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
Jamie Embry
Absolutely Stunning! Very well made!

I am so so so incredibly happy with the quality and craftsmanship of my new table. It is very sturdy. The white surface is so shinny and perfect. This is a great piece!
Side Note: Serena has provided me with excellent customer service!
Ordering, shipping snd customer service have all been phenomenal!!

Bryan Wallk (Oklahoma City, US)
Wonderful, functional piece!

Great piece of furniture. Delivers exactly as promised - masquerades as a beautiful console table standing against a wall taking up almost no space then opens up to a huge dining room table when I have all the kids over. Absolutely love it! It’s heavier than it looks but that’s just because it’s made solid and one person can still move it around and open/close it.

cjh7 (Houston, US)
Roomy, Sturdy, Good Solution

We recently bought a condo to downsize and wanted a table that didn’t take up much room most of the time, but could be expanded to hold even large holiday parties. We are pleased with the Junior Giant Revolution for its sturdiness, that it has a no-sag mechanism even when fully extended, and because the leaves are indeed very thin for compact storage. It suits our situation very well.

Char (North York, CA)
Exactly as shown, but better

I can’t believe this thing exists. Finally, a table I don’t have to manoeuvre around on a daily basis because I might want to have my friends over for dinner sometimes. I love everything about this table - including how pretty it looks tucked away as a console. For years I’ve wondered why no one is engineering stuff like this and, well, here we are. It’s super heavy when it arrives packaged, but one unboxed it’s easy to move.

E. (Sacramento, US)
Junior Giant = Giant satisfaction!

Loving this table. It's easy to expand and compress, and fits my everyday needs. I use half for my audio engineering needs and the other half for dining or gaming. Great build quality. Only aesthetic gripe is the slats very slightly dip in certain places, but it doesn't hurt the stability of the table.