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When you need a space saving bed the first thing that should come to mind is a compact Murphy Bed. Available in Horizontal or Vertical, Murphy beds are tried and true space saving beds but we add modern styling to our beds and excellent hardware for smooth operations, comfortable sleeps and great looks both when open or hidden away.

Top Rated Murphy Beds For Sale

When you live in a major city, space often comes at a premium — a premium you are not prepared to pay. Sometimes, having furniture that eats up a majority of your space is unavoidable, but with the top rated Murphy beds for sale at Expand Furniture, you can make the most out of your space with hidden wall beds and other space saving furniture. All of our Murphy wall beds are manufactured using the highest quality materials and are made to last. Maximize your living space with a variety of space saving furniture from Murphy wall beds and wall beds with desks to sofa wall beds.

Murphy beds for sale by Expand Furniture

Our Cabinet beds are low height solutions that use tri-fold mattresses to make a queen size bed possible in a tight space. Perfect for below a window where you want to preserve light and make for fantastic guest beds. Best of all these modern compact wall beds fold away small to save you space. View our collection of Murphy Beds systems, including our designer Murphy sofa beds online!

Shop Murphy Bed Kits & Hardware Online

Expand Furniture has a vast online library of Murphy bed kids and hardware, allowing you to find the tools and materials you need to maximize the space in your small home or small apartment. The Murphy bed kits for sale online are sleek and modern, capable of adding a beautiful flourish to your home. Our Murphy beds come in a variety of styles, either horizontal or vertical, allowing for versatility in and freedom without sacrificing an inch of space. Comfortable and stylish, you can shop a variety of Murphy bed kits and hardware online and find numerous space saving options for your home. Browse through our online collection today to find exactly what you’re looking for!

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Space Saving Queen Murphy Bed Store

In a small home or apartment, one of the largest pieces of furniture is your bed. It eats up enormous amounts of space and is an unfortunate necessity in any home. At the space saving queen Murphy bed store, Expand Furniture, we provide excellent space saving solutions for any sized home. Easily conceal your queen size bed with our stylish, modern, and multi-functional queen Murphy beds and utilize every inch of space in your small home. With our cabinet beds, we offer low height solutions using tri-fold mattresses so that hiding your bed is as easy as lifting and folding it away. Browse through our space saving queen Murphy bed store today to find the right solution!

Buy Best Rated Twin Murphy Bed

Twin Murphy beds are an excellent addition to any small space, whether it is your primary bed, a guest bed, or a kids bed! Murphy beds are a great option to have due to their versatility and ability to be hidden at a moment’s notice. When not in use, simply transform the bed into a shelf, sofa, or desk, providing you with the necessary space you need in your small apartment or home. You can buy the best rated twin Murphy beds from Expand Furniture, designed using unique, modern edges and finishes that will brighten any home. Browse through our large collection of twin Murphy beds today to find the right addition to your space!

Browse Popular Murphy Bed Couches

Expand Furniture has a large selection of popular Murphy bed couches to choose from, enabling you to maximize the space in your small apartment or home. Capable of collapsing and transforming into a couch, these hidden Murphy bed couches are the perfect solution to help you make the most out of your small apartment or small home. Our superior design techniques yield clean, modern lines, appealing finishes, and allow us to manufacture our popular Murphy bed couches using the highest quality materials, giving you a timeless, multi-functional piece of furniture. Browse through our large selection of popular Murphy bed couches today!

Purchase #1 Comfortable Murphy Wall Bed

At Expand Furniture you can purchase the #1 comfortable Murphy wall beds to maximize the space in your small apartment. Our transforming Murphy wall beds can collapse and fold away to give you the space you need with the best space saving furniture.

Compare Top Modern Single Murphy Beds

When you compare top modern single Murphy beds, Expand Furniture is unbeatable. Made with superior design, clean, modern lines, and bright finishes, you can have stylish, multi-functional space saving furniture for your small home.

Search Five Star Murphy Bunk Beds

Find a number of space saving furniture pieces when you search five star Murphy bunk beds! Expand Furniture has a large collection of multi-functional, space saving murphy beds to help maximize the space in your home.

Mid-Century Double Murphy Bed Prices

Expand Furniture has affordable mid-century double Murphy beds a price points that suit anyone in need of space saving furniture. Browse through our large online library of hidden Murphy beds to get great space saving solutions!

Find Rustic Queen Size Murphy Bed

The design team at Expand Furniture is always creating new, innovative designs for our queen size Murphy beds, including beautiful rustic designs that are suitable for any modern home in need of space saving solutions.

5 Star King Size Murphy Bed Cost

Get a great deal on a 5 star king size Murphy bed with our many affordable space saving furniture options. With modern, sleek designs and bright, neutral finishes, you can find a variety of king size Murphy beds for your small space.