Bench and Chair Bundle: 4x Nano + 1x Mini Scatola



Bench and Chair Bundle: 4x Nano + 1x Mini Scatola


The Mini Scatola Bench and 4 Nano Slim Fold-able chairs work perfectly together to make your own bundle add on to our table offerings. Both have soft padded seats.  A perfect solution for when you entertain without taking up space when you are not. The Mini Scatola can easily tuck away under a console table like the Junior Giant or stand alone as an occasional stool, coffee or side table in any situation that arises. The lightweight, easy to use Nano chairs fold and stack away neatly under beds or in closets and are attractive enough to hang on walls. Innovative furniture created for modern times where multi-functional double duty is now the new normal. Consists of 4x Nano + 1x Mini Scatola bench:  Quick Shipping!

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Shipping ~ 2 weeks: USA / Canada & International
3 year warranty + 7 day trial with easy returns

1x extending Mini Scatola Bench + 4x Nano folding chairs in a convenient bundle. Whether entertaining is something that is done often or infrequently, it is such a relief to have functional furniture that can easily be put to use and look good, as well as keep you and your guests comfortable. Places and spaces have become more streamlined and minimal living in smaller places can sometimes be challenging for those who have big design ideas. You can easily realize your dreams with the Mini Scatola bench and the Nano chairs because both expansion design and functions meet the criteria.


The Bundle consists of:
1x Mini Scatola  (White Bench or Black Bench)
4x Nano Chairs (1 set of 4 in White gloss or Black wood)

Material and Finish: See the individual products for details
Nano Chairs: Metal Frame with Wood Base and Curved Back with Soft Padded Seat Cushion. In either White Gloss or Black Wood.
Mini Scatola: Black or White padded tops that match the nano chairs. Over top of white or black grain panels (non glossy).

Weight Capacity
Extremely strong and well built. The seats can easily host individual guests over 250+ lbs.

None needed. All products in this package are assembled out of the box and are ready to use right away.

Shipping Information
USA & Canada ~2 weeks. Worldwide Shipping ~ 2-3 weeks. Fully insured for safe delivery.

Warranty & Returns
3 year warranty + 7 day trial with easy returns

Cleaning & Care
Use mild soap and water with a clean soft cloth. Do not use chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials.

Popular Pairings & Options:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Max (Richmond, CA)
Bench + 4 chairs

UPDATE: Original review posted below.

Literally within an hour of posting my original review, I was contacted (on Sunday!) with several options to rectify the issue. This was by far the best customer service experience I've had. To recap the review below: bench is amazing, chairs look and feel super slick and I love them. The one issue I have with them is being fully rectified. 5 star product and 5 star service.

Original review:
I love the bench. It works well, looks and feels great. No complaints there.

I want to like the chairs, the mechanism for opening and closing them is super smooth and they look so slick. Unfortunately, the back of the chair is fastened on with 4 tiny screws into the wood. At least one screw has come loose on 3 of the 4 chairs. I'm not sure the reason for this design decision, as the wood is quickly getting worn away since you can only put a screw back in so many times before you're screwing into mush. I'll probably have to get the backs replaced soon.

Rob (North Vancouver, CA)
Bench & Chair Bundle

Excellent solution for a small space