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Aloha! We specialize in space saving furniture like Expanding Tables, and ultra compact sofa beds. We can deliver many of our products rapidly by air express to Hawaii, including all the Islands. Whether it is Honolulu, Maui, Kauai, Kahului, the delivery fee is set and it is often at the same great subsidized rates as the rest of the USA. Our products are designed to be compact and for most of our product lines we are able to deliver furniture to all of Hawaii by air delivery. We know many other furniture stores don’t want to make the effort to ship by sea or air but we are no ordinary company and we try to go the extra mile in service as well as furniture design!

A popular model to consider for a Hawaii guests is the the Harmony Queen Sofa bed which is the most compact Sofa bed on the market for it’s foot print. It is delivered in a compact format which can go up spiral stairs, narrow door ways or tight corners. The design uses foam for an even comfortable sleep which is far superior to the conventional style sofa bed.


Additionally we have incredible coffee to dinner tables that lift from coffee height and also expand out to larger tables. We also have console tables that hide away and can optionally extend into a huge dinner table that would be perfect for a Maui Condo.

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We also have specialized Wall Bed systems from Desk Murphy Beds for Hawaii residents to MurphySofa beds that would look stunning in a Maui home. We can deliver these high end wall beds to Hawaii by Sea Shipments with a ship time of 2-4 weeks from our in stock inventory. Please inquire for details.



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