Thanks for purchasing a Migliore Modular Couch.

This product is already mostly assembled, you just need to add the legs to the base with the provided Allan key.

Every piece is modular and built to work with each other piece. For example – You can rotate a sectional corner to either the left or right side or use it on it’s own.

Modules and staying together.

The modules were designed so you can easily move them and reconfigure. However if you want to be more sticky or harder to move apart there are some options.

Option 1 – Rubber to make it harder to move apart:  To make the bottoms more stick you can add on some rubber feet grips. This prevents the module from sliding on the floor, especially on slippery flat surfaces. You can find this at most hardware stores

Option 2 – Velcro to fix the sofa together: Each seat module and back has a strip of velcro beneath it. You can use this same velcro to join the modules. Simply place the velcro on 1 half of a module, pull tight, and place it down on the other half. The seats will still grip to these strips and hold in place. You can do this with the backs also.


Velcro module join

For the backs you can use the ‘Corner’ velcro to join the singles to the corners. Then place the single velcro on the corner

Velcro module join to backs