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Exclusive Multifunctional Space Saving Furniture Shipping To The Philippines

The Philippines are one of the most highly populated countries in the world. With over 100 million people who claim the Philippines as their home and a steadily growing population, it can be quite the challenge to find a place to live, let alone a spacious home. You are likely crammed into small apartments, which means you will need to get creative in making the most of your space.

While we cannot change the size of your home, Expand Furniture can provide incredibly designed pieces that are multi-functional and versatile. We are here to help you maximize every inch!

Exclusive Multifunctional Space Saving Furniture Shipping To The Philippines

Multifunctional Furniture To Save Space For Your Home In The Philippines

Expand Furniture Is Able To Ship To Most Major Cities In The Philippines, Including Manila

Convertible coffee to dining tables, console to dining and other extending, folding and expanding tables are now available in the Philippines. Our high-quality transforming tables can be shipped right to your door and delivered inside. Almost all of our tables are pre-assembled or only require very minor assembly, which means your table will be set up in minutes after arrival.

Shipping of our space saving furniture will typically only take about 10 days to be delivered from Vancouver to your home address in the Philippines.

Best Rated Space Saving Murphy Beds For Sale

Comfortable Murphy Beds With Shipping To The Philippines

At Expand Furniture, our mission is to provide durable furniture that helps you get creative in maximizing every space in your home. One way we do that is by offering a selection of high-quality Murphy beds. As one of the most innovative pieces in the world of space-saving furniture in the Philippines, Murphy beds can transform any space into a sleeping area within seconds. Available in a variety of styles and prices, we have pieces that include a revolving TV stand and a hover feature. Browse below to learn more!

twin size, king, and queen murphy beds

Quality Murphy Beds And Wall Beds

Revolving TV Murphy Bed

Small, Side, Accent, & End Tables

Modern Double Murphy Bed

Tables And Dining Room Sets


Expand Furniture, I want you to know how much we like our new table. It is exactly what we needed! The construction is excellent and the table is easy expand. The white high gloss is gorgeous. We were concerned about buying this table without seeing it in person, but it certainly worked out well.

Daniel Goldberg | Columbus, US


These little tables/stools surprised me with their quality – way better than I expected. they look awesome and are very sturdy, use them as instructed, though. No standing on them. Sit, prop your feet up, use them as a table! these little stools rock and everyone loves them!

Barb Wolfe | Langley, CA


I am just loving this couch. I like to move my furniture around A LOT. Every time I clean, I think up a different configuration. This week, we are seating for 4. Last week I was long mono-couch with two people laid out reading at either end. So much fun. Comfortable too. I prefer it without the feet, for easier push-ability.

Tiffany Self | Victoria, CA


Space Saving Furniture With Modern Designs In Philippines

Options that Meet Your Needs

Philippines Space Saving Tables

When you live in the Philippines, you are forced to live in a small, cramped apartment that boasts very little living space. Luckily for you, Expand Furniture specializes in providing beautifully crafted space-saving furniture that can be custom designed to fit your unique style Not only are these pieces well built and visually appealing, but they are versatile, multi-functional, and practical for any space. Each piece is shipped from Vancouver, Canada, and handled delicately throughout the entire process.

Whether you need an expandable dining room table, a transforming coffee to dining table, or an extendable table, Expand Furniture has it all. Some of our most popular pieces include the transforming coffee table that doubles as a dining room table or a work space. Simply lift the table up and out to create the space you need, or push it back down to function as a regular coffee table. We ship quickly from Vancouver right to your door in the Philippines, with a comprehensive warranty on all our quality builds.

Space Saving Furniture Chair Storage

Philippines Hidden Wall Beds

Hidden Wall Beds

At Expand Furniture, we offer a variety of Philippines hidden wall beds designed to maximize every area in your home. You have the option to transform your living room into a sleeping space within seconds! Each piece is designed with functionality and versatility in mind, to ensure you have a durable, comfortable bed for many years. While Expand Furniture carries a wide range of styles, the function of each piece remains the same: simply drop the bed down to cover your sofa at night for sleeping, and fold it back up into the wall in the morning to reveal your living room and sitting area.

Whether you need a hidden wall bed desk, or a murphy wall bed sofa, Expand Furniture offers space-transforming furniture for nearly every area in your home. Each piece is covered by incredible warranties to ensure you are totally satisfied with the product throughout its lifetime. Let us help you minimize the floor space used in your home with a beautifully functional piece of furniture!

Philippines Transformable Furniture

Along with Murphy wall beds and transforming sofas, Expand Furniture provides many pieces of multi-functional coffee and dining room tables. We know that living in a small space can quickly become frustrating and claustrophobic, so we are committed to creating high-quality space-saving furniture at an affordable price for all. Each piece is built with fine craftsmanship and an eye for detail, and shipped from Vancouver, Canada right to your door in the Philippines. The entire shipping process typically only takes about ten days, and you can trust that your Philippines transformable furniture is well-cared for throughout the whole shipping and handling process.

Take advantage of every inch inside your home with extendable dining sets, Murphy bed with sofa combinations, wall bed desks, and transformable coffee-to-dining room tables. At Expand Furniture, we proudly cover each of our pieces with comprehensive warranties to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Our entire selection of space-saving furniture is listed online, complete with dimensions, color options, and other customizable choices.

Transformable Furniture

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Transformable Furniture Services in Toronto, Canada

With Expand Furniture

We are Canadian company based in Vancouver who able to deliver our products safely to most areas throughout the Philippines. Each shipped products is insured for even the slightest damage. We try to make things easy for you. Most of our products are fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box.

As a top-quality online company, we work to achieve stellar customer service. Learn more about Expand Furniture or read our frequently asked questions.

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