CX2 Unique Shelving Units


CX2 Unique Shelving Units


The CX2 unique shelving unit is completely modular and allows for endless possibilities. Choose a classic black or white finish or a blue, orange, green or pink variation. Its contemporary design combines function, versatility and style. Unassuming yet capable of carrying your books, decorations and personal  items with ease, this little shelf will truly wow you. It convinces through its sleek and simple design of clean ­rounded corners and an easy ­to ­clean finish,  which is available in black and white. The original design is of 2 vertical S style shapes but you can also combine them into other unique shapes or even cubes. The Expand modular system is made of very strong lightweight ABS plastic which is naturally waterproof, bacteria and stain resistant. We have put the ease in modular systems. Simply join your pieces together to achieve the desired design, insert the securing pins and you are done. It could not be easier. Wall installation requires nothing but a simple screw driver. You will be amazed by the versatility and functionality of this uniquely personable shelf unit. Finally a shelving system that is as unique as you!

Shipping ~ 2 weeks: USA / Canada & International
3 year warranty + 7 day trial with easy returns

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The CX2 Modular shelf system is lightweight, yet strong. Available in Black & White or a number of White + Color options. No matter if you need a little shelf or a lot, this is the system for you. Simply snap the pieces together to achieve the desired shelf design (or maybe even create a floor storage cube) and you are set. The construction technique will have you thinking about the modular toys you used to play with as a child. And the CX2 assembly is that easy­ and just as fun. We are excited to be offering this system constructed of non­toxic, formaldehyde free plastic. Its durable surface makes it a perfect addition to any room. Even bathrooms. All you need to wall­ mount it is a screwdriver. It doesn’t get any easier than that. The CX2 is just another way Expand Furniture brings stylish, versatility simplicity to your home. Uses one shelf, two or create a shelving unit to match your personal needs and style. This particular unit allows for the construction of two bi­-level shelves, a storage cube, a long multi­level shelf or an ascending shelving unit. Unlike other systems you are not “stuck” with one design. If your home needs change, change it up. It is as easy to take apart as it was to put together. With its invisible shelf support it gives the impression to be floating on your walls.


Each original assembled shelf design is 79cm (31.1) wide and 28cm (11 in) high.


ABS plastic made the right way. Material is extremely resistant to germ and fungus growth.
Safe: 0.0 mg/L Free from Formaldehyde ­ Non Toxic.
Rounded corners: Beautiful rounded corners to add an extra eye catch to your designs.

Adaptability: While you may like the suggested design, change the shape & design, or add more
pieces to create something completely new, as often as you like. Review the components this unit consists of to draw out your own designs. You can always purchase another small shelf or cube for parts to modify and add to this design.

Strength & Durability:
The internal support structure prevents bending. A single cube on the ground has been weight tested to hold over 89kg of weight
Water proof and Easy to Clean due to water resistance. Bathroom & Water Safe. (try keep out of sun as with all furniture the color can fade from strong UV exposure). When mounted to the wall secure to a stud for maximum strength. If only screwed into drywall it will be suitable for books and most items.

~5 minutes – Snap it all together and insert pins to secure. No tools required!
(Wall mounting uses just 1 screw driver)

This unit comes with quite a few panels, joins and wall hardware, capable or making vertical & horizontal shelving. You can also make a monitor riser and bookshelf or use the parts combined with another set for a larger unique creation. See the designs photo for some suggestions.

Compatible parts:
Panel sizes: 210mmx240, 300mmx 240mm, 475mmx 240mm.
Join options: L join, T join, X join (these add 35 mm each side to panels when joined)
Covers: Join cover, panel side cover
Back Panel covers: Colored back panels, or make your own!

Warranty & Returns
Extended 500 day warranty on mechanics, far beyond what most companies offer. If you are not happy you are welcome to return the product in good condition within 7 days for a full refund minus 2 way shipping costs. Original packaging required for safe transport.

7-10 Days

Popular Pairings & Options:

If you are looking for more option you may also consider our Ax2 modular system.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kristie P. (Seattle, US)

We originally purchased the corner shelving, but later figured to create two separate units: a TV stand and a small corner display. The color is vibrant and they make a perfect addition to our place.

Alexander L.
Runner in Switzerland

All fine!

Adorable Wall art!

Super cute decorative wall piece that holds my kid's toys, books and nicknacks.

Jenny Z.
Very good design, best for DIYer

I have actually bought a few combination to make a display shelf for my store. I have installed LED strip light and custom made a few medium thickness clear and matt finish acrylic board to the shelf. The final outcome and price is very good, it's a great product if you are a DIY person. I will send a picture to expand furniture, see if they will post it out for demo because there are products of mine on the display already when I took the picture. I will definitely buy more combination later on when I "expand" my store.

Edwin R.
Great Furniture

I have a very limited space to house my amplifiers/speakers for my karaoke system. I searched everywhere, including online, for the right size and quality (the amps were small but sturdy and heavy), but there's just nothing out there. Until I stumbled upon a picture of one of Expand Furniture's modular shelving units on Google. I followed the link and bingo! Long story short, the guys there were very helpful, and accommodated my very customized sizes and shapes for the said project. I was just thankful their office is just in Vancouver (I live in Surrey), and not somewhere in Toronto or Nova Scotia, lol! Bottom line, product is of excellent quality, easy to assemble, and very flexible to suit in whatever space you have. I highly recommend it and would do business again with them in the future.