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Texas is known for its cattle ranch design aesthetic. Yet not everyone wants a home on the range. Dallas is a big city, and you can create a gorgeous, big city design for your home that could rival homes you would find in places like New York or Los Angeles. All you need is the right interior decor.

Expand Furniture sells the beautiful pieces you need to create a sophisticated look for your Dallas home. Not only does our furniture look like it came out of a designer’s sketch book, but it also helps to make your home more comfortable and functional.

Top-Rated Space-Saving Furniture For Sale In Dallas At Expand Furniture

Space Saving Transforming Furniture For Dallas Homes

From extendable dining tables to transforming Murphy bed and desk combos, Expand Furniture has something for everyone. Choose from a variety of styles and colors, or ask about our customizable options! Enjoy rapid shipping right to your door, comprehensive warranties on hardware, and a 30 day price guarantee.

Buy A Wide Variety Of Transforming Furniture Near You

From Extendable Dining Tables To Murphy Beds & Sofa Beds

Black Dining Table And Folding Dining Chairs Combo For Sale In Dallas, TX

Our goal at Expand Furniture is to provide high-end convertible furniture in Dallas that provides the solutions you need to maximize your space. Having a few of the right furniture pieces can make all the difference in loving or hating your home, no matter its square footage. With compact, stylish furniture that is built with longevity and durability in mind, Expand Furniture is an excellent resource.

Expand your possibilities by choosing furniture that pulls double duty and makes your home functional and luxurious. Consider a coffee-to-dining table, expandable bench, Murphy bed and desk combo, or sectional couch that can fit your exact dimensions. Whether you have questions or need help with ordering, our customer support team is here to help!



At Expand Furniture, you will find a wide variety of transforming furniture designed to maximize your space while providing functionality and aesthetic. Whether you need a Murphy BedSofa combination, a transforming coffee-to-dining-table, or chairs that tuck away to increase your floor space, there is something for everyone at Expand Furniture. Browse our inventory online or visit our Dallas showroom to find the perfect piece!



With Expand Furniture, you have your choice of designer furniture that will help you create beautiful decor while also making the most of your space. Whether you invest in transforming tables, folding space saving chairs or DIY loft bed kits, you’ll create a unique look for any room in your home. You’ll impress your guests and make your home more cozy for your family. Explore our catalog to find the perfect pieces for your Dallas home.

Modern Double Murphy Bed

Space Saving Desk With Murphy Bed

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Comfortable Space-Saving Dining Table

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Convenient Transforming Tables & Chairs

Our Clients' Reviews


“I bought a console table that is expandable to a dining table. I love the product a lot it is very compact and practical. It expands to a 8 people dining table. Customer service was awesome and I would shop there again!”

Christine P. – Vancouver ★★★★★

“With the extremely stylish box coffee table, my small apartment living room transforms from an awesome sitting entertaining/media area into a functional dining room as required. This is the solution for modern living, giant recommendation!”

Steven B. –

“We love it! we used the table with 2 leaves for Jewish holidays and it was fabulous. We use it whenever we entertain. When we put the leaves away it’s a great small desk for me for work! Leaves are very easy to store! Perfect for apartment living.”

Ellen K. – Brooklyn★★★★★



Each piece of convertible furniture at Expand Furniture is designed for modern, functional living. Most of our inventory is always in stock! Buy with confidence through our product warranties, easy returns, and 30 day price protection. Shipped from Vancouver, Canada straight to your door in Dallas, our compact furniture is treated with care throughout the entire shipping and handling process. Call Expand Furniture today to learn more about our company!


Pair your transforming chair with a transforming table. You can convert a simple desk or console table into a formal dining table that can seat 12 people. Like folding space saving chairs, you pull transforming coffee tables apart to expand them. You then insert leaves to create the dining surface you need. The sleek design will look right at home in any modern space, but the table will also meet the needs of any sized space.

Along with a variety of transforming tables, Expand Furniture carries a wide range of space-saving chairs with different styles and colors. Consider a simple chair that opens into a flexible accordion-type bench to seat up to 8 people. Or, browse our single chairs that tuck away under the table to open your floor space.

Whatever you choose, your guests are sure to be impressed with the level of functionality and visual appeal in your design. With our extending tables and other transforming furniture, you will no longer feel trapped in your small space but instead, will be excited and capable of hosting friends and family in your home!

Folded Expandable Table And Folding Chairs For Sale In Dallas


Quality Hidden Wall Bed With Desk For Sale In Dallas By Expand Furniture

For bedrooms or office space, you can use one of our wall beds or DIY loft bed kits. With a loft bed kit, you can create additional vertical space that will also create a cool, loft area. You can sit up there to sip an espresso while you tuck into a good book, or you can create a cozy sleeping area on the loft while opening up the space below for study or entertaining.

Of course, you can create multi-functionality in even the smallest of spaces with one of our storage beds or European wall beds. A freestanding cabinet bed gives you room under the mattress for storage so you can expand your cabinet space or de-clutter your room. Yet a luxury European wall bed allows you to fold up the mattress and use that space for entertaining or home study with the attached couch or desk.

You can take the design to the next level with a rotating Italian wall bed, which allows you to flip the mattress to reveal your home library. This luxury piece will create a unique look for your room and maximize the space.


A chair is not a simple chair. At Expand Furniture, we sell folding space saving chairs that transform from a single seat to a unique piece that can seat up to 12 people. The chair looks sleek and modern on its own, but when you pull it out to create the unique bench, it becomes an art piece. Forget about straight, plain benches. You can create circles, waves, and turns. You’ll be able to accommodate last-minute and unexpected guests with no problems.

You don’t need a designer piece to get the seating you need. Our folding chairs offer higher quality than the typical plastic chairs you would get from a party planner or home retailer, and they maintain a high level of design. Our stylish folding chairs are made of the highest-quality materials so that they are strong and sturdy, yet they are also comfortable.

Best Rated White Space-Saving Table And Hideaway Chairs For Sale In Dallas

Modular Sectionals & Sofa Beds

High-Quality Gray Space-Saving Sofa For Sale In Dallas, TX

Expand Furniture offers a multitude of sectional and sofa bed options for your Dallas home that are the perfect combination of durability, comfort, and style. With a truly modular sofa, you have the opportunity to build a couch piece by piece to the exact size you need for your living area. A corner piece can be moved to switch the direction of your couch, or an ottoman can be added as a break between seats.

With a Dallas convertible sofa bed, your living room can function as both a hangout space for your guests and a bedroom for friends to stay the night. The mattresses are quality and comfortable, with the added benefit of no uncomfortable springs that keep your guests awake at night.

FAQs About Our Space Saving Furniture

Why Shop with Expand Furniture?
We are the premier online specialist in Expandable Space Saving Furniture. We offer original designs in addition to distributing amazing designer items. With furniture directly made for our company and shipped online to you, you save by cutting out the retail middle men. You can order online directly through us using a credit card on our secure SSL encryption. When you place an order in our system the payment goes directly through to our merchant and credit card information is not stored in our system. We do not keep credit cards on file, ever. We ship quickly as most of our products are in stock. We also can custom produce furniture if you have patience. In addition to our incredible warranties we also offer 30 day price protection on your purchases as well as easy returns on most items. See below for more details:

Shop with Absolute Confidence!

Can You Deliver My Transforming Furniture Inside And Upstairs?

Yes we can! Our delivery team can bring your package right inside your home if you have ground access or an elevator. We are equipped to move packages up or down stairs as well, but we need to know beforehand to prepare and additional fees may apply.

What Happens If The Furniture I Ordered Arrives Damaged?

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase! Our quality control team carefully checks each order before it is shipped to ensure its integrity, but sometimes the shipping process causes damage. If this happens, please contact us immediately so we can make it right.

What's The Quality Guarantee Of Your Space Saving Furniture?

We work diligently to ensure our products are built with quality materials. All mechanical parts for beds and tables are covered under a 5 year warranty. If you are unhappy with your product for any reason, we want to know about it! Reach out to our customer service team.

Can You Ship Transforming Furniture To Other Countries?

Yes we can! While our primary shipping destinations are in the United States and Canada, we are prepared to deliver right to your front door worldwide. In the past, Expand Furniture has shipped to the UK, Scandinavia, Australia, Mexico, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many more places.

What's The Warranty & Return Policy For Your Products?

Each of our pieces is covered by a comprehensive warranty, including 5 year coverage on all mechanical parts for beds and tables. If you need to return an item, we offer an easy 7 day return policy on new deliveries. If you are past the return period, please contact us regardless!

Are You An Eco-Friendly Space Saving Furniture Company?

Expand Furniture is proud to carry a reduced carbon footprint, and to compensate for every product and shipment by planting trees worldwide. Any item that is returned but still functional, we rehome it through a charity to a family in need, instead of cluttering the landfill.

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