Australia Space Saving Tables

Who wouldn’t like to have more room in their home or office? Probably everyone in Australia would enjoy a little extra space. Especially residents of Sydney, which has the most expensive housing in Australia. Space saving tables can provide extra space without the extra expense of a bigger apartment or office.

Expand Furniture provides many alternatives to help you maximize the space that you already have. For instance, the Junior Giant transforming table can be used as a slim, attractive desk or console by day, then add up to four leaflets to make room for a dinner party later. You can also add only one or two leaflets in order to create an everyday kitchen table and save the other leaflets for when you entertain. Our space-saving tables can be purchased along with our ultra sleek pendulum chairs. These chairs are available in sets of either four or eight and they save space by folding completely flat for easy storage when not in use.

Sydney Extending Tables


The most popular table we sell in Sydney, Australia is our Box Coffee to Dining table. As a coffee table, it provides a chic, low profile addition to your decor. Hidden inside the coffee table are three leaflets that allow this transforming table to be turned into a dining or conference table with ample seating for ten. To assure ease in rearranging furniture this transforming table has concealed locking wheels in the base of the legs. In addition, this transforming table can also easily change height using its hydraulic unit, it can be set anywhere between 11 inches and 30 inches tall.

The Junior Giant table is also a big hit with it’s long extending ability to transform into a large dining table. It compacts away as a small console and saves you lots of space. Check out the Junior Giant here.

Melbourne Transforming Tables


The largest of our space saving tables, the Tiny Titan, appears to be a compact console table, but due to its five leaflets it can expand to seat fourteen people comfortably. All of our space-saving tables are built on sturdy chassis and many, like the Tiny Titan, include an extra leg for center support. The extra leg is concealed inside the leg frame when using the Tiny Titan as a console table.

Tiny Titan massive 14 Seat Dining Table Hides as Tiny Console | Expand Furniture

Brisbane Extendable Coffee Tables


At Expand Furniture, we have a large selection of space saving tables to help maximize the space of your small apartment living. These multi-functional tables can be used in a variety of ways. Coffee tables are appealing for a number of reasons. They provide a classy, comfortable feel for your living room environment, and they complete the look with elegance and style. But they aren’t space savers. That is why Expand Furniture has designed a beautiful Brisbane Extending Coffee Table collection to convert your stylish coffee table into a multi-useful, functional dining table to suit your space needs.

Perth Space-Saving Kitchen Tables


Expand Furniture is dedicated to making sure that every piece of furniture serves a purpose in your small apartment. With many space saving kitchen table options, we can improve the functionality of your small apartment in a variety of styles. Find many different selections in our online library including console to dining tables, coffee to dining tables, convertible coffee tables, space saving dining sets, extending kitchen tables, and wall bed tables. Choose one of our gorgeously designed space saving kitchen tables to bring functionality and convenience to your home.

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At Expand Furniture we pride ourselves on engineering innovative, multifunctional furniture of the highest quality and exceptional style. We offer a wide variety of space saving transforming tables along with wall beds, convertible sofas and other unique space saving furnishings.

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We are able to deliver our tables safely to Australia by DHL Air Express. Each shipped products is insured for even the slightest damage. We try to make things easy for you. Most of our products are fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. As an online company we strive for excellent customer service.

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