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Price Protection

Purchase knowing the price you pay now is protected for 30 days. If an item you purchased goes on sale within 30 days of you purchasing it we will match the sales price. Special 60 Day coverage protects purchases placed from Oct 26th-Nov 26th every year. Purchases during this time cover all the way up until December 27th.

Insured Delivery

We have insurance on our items so if it is lost in transit or damaged you are covered. We also pack our furniture extremely well so it arrives safely.

Return Policy

The return policy at Expand Furniture is designed to help you determine if you are happy with your products or not. If you aren’t pleased with it, then you can return most products within 7 days of delivery.
Please keep all the specialized packing your items might be delivered in as they are designed to keep them protected on delivery and in case you want to make a return. If you make a return we will issue your refund back by your original payment method after we have received the return minus 2 way ship charges. Shipping charges are not refundable and we hope you understand this as they are costs we can’t get back either.  Certain items like wall beds, Mezzanine, Cabinet Beds, and FlexYah Bench products are final sales. If an item arrives damaged, Expand Furniture will repair or replace it. For more information and further details, contact Expand Furniture today.
Returns & Refund Policy


Warranties vary based on each product and are listed on each individual product page. Most of our top of the line wall beds come with a five year warranty, while a majority of our tables come with a 500 day warranty. Our warranties cover mechanics and hardware, but do not cover superficial damage that has been caused by customer negligence. It should be of note that removing mechanical parts may void the warranty, so contact us before you decide to do so.

Privacy & Security

Expand Furniture is dedicated to creating a safe and secure site for all of our customers to explore. We have a secure processing server that ensures the highest level of security when collecting information such as bank details and credit card information. When interacting with our site, we receive and store certain types of information like the content you view, product purchases, and information associated with your IP address. This information is used to provide you with more relevant ads and monitor usage of our site for our own advertising purposes.
Privacy & Security Policy

Terms & Conditions

Expand Furniture is a premium furniture company based in Canada that offers the highest quality goods that provide the utmost functionality and style. With our top rated products, creating space in your home is easier than ever. We offer a variety of space saving products including smart wall beds and sofa wall beds, transforming dining tables, convertible coffee tables and expandable tables, wall bed desks, hidden Murphy sofa beds, and much more. Although you can find space saving products in many stores, Expand Furniture carries beautifully designed, unique items that are affordable and functional for any type of home, small or large. Expand Furniture prides itself on creating furniture that offers the performance and quality a top rated furniture company should provide.
Terms & Conditions

The Benefits of Expand Furniture

Not only does Expand Furniture have a vast library of space saving furniture to choose from, but there are many reasons why we are the best space saving furniture company. Most of our products sold through Expand Furniture are warehoused in North America resulting in much faster shipping. We do everything in our power to make our products available to you with a quick and easy purchasing and shipping process.

Expand Furniture is the best choice for space saving furniture because we choose the best finishes and styles that maximize the space in your home and make it feel larger. The warm wood tones we choose radiate warmth and help make your space feel even homier. Along with a beautiful and unique style, all of the products that we offer at Expand Furniture are designed to create a vast amount of space in your home, including our wall beds which have already been designed to be multi-functional.

We build our products to last and with our affordable, stylish space saving furniture, you can have a multi functional space without compromising the visual appeal of your home.

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