Horizon v2 – Extending Glass Table


Horizon v2 – Extending Glass Table


An exquisite modern glass table that has hidden built in extensions. The Horizon table comes with a new hydraulic lift mechanism to raise or lower the unit. Set it at any height between coffee and dinner size. Extend out one or both ends to elongate the size to seat up to 8 people as an extended dining table. For a video demonstration click on the video tab below (the video is older, the new system comes with an improved pull lever and easier lift system). Table finished in a white grey glass top that has a slight green tinge to it. It matches well with the silver metal work. Seats 8

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3 year warranty + 7 day trial with easy returns

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This extending glass table is modern, stylish and multi-functional. With a pull of a handle the extending glass table can be lifted or lowered to your perfect height using a hydraulic mechanism. (New version 2 with a hydraulic system rather than springs). Use it as a coffee table and extend out the hidden ends to create a much larger table. Raise the table into a full dining table to seat 8 people very comfortably for dinner parties. This can be used every day or as a spare table that transforms and shows as a beautiful coffee table in the living room.  Wheels are built into the base and the unit can easily slide on most surfaces. Widely available furniture sliders can be placed under the legs if necessary. Flat metal finish on the curved chrome legs matches the side panels on the glass top. White glass surface. This extending glass table is a versatile space expanding solution. Coffee to dining transformer as well as large extension ability makes this a great compact table and a large table for entertaining. The glass surface makes this a breeze to clean.

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Why This Product?

We wanted a table that was versatile and exquisite, that goes effortlessly from a glass coffee table to dining for 8!

How Does It Work?

Use the pull handle to raise the height to any level

Squeeze the ends and pull to expand

Extend just one or both ends

Extending Glass table - Horizon coffee lifting glass coffee table in grey white silver


Glass extensions hide inside the table

Modern unique design

Curved metal legs



Seats 8 people:

Size and height as a coffee table: 28 x 41.75 – 18 inches
Size and height as a dining table: 28 x 73 – 31 inches
Lifts and lowers to any heights between 18 – 31 inches , & extends between 41.75 to 73 inches

Horizon Expandable glass extending table dimensions


No Assembly Required
This product is fully assembled out of the box and is ready to use right away.

Shipping Information
USA & Canada ~2 weeks. Worldwide Shipping ~ 2-3 weeks. Fully insured for safe delivery.

Warranty & Returns
3 year warranty + 7 day trial with easy returns.  Store policy

Hydraulic piston lift system (not springs)

Glass top:
Surface is an inset 8mm tempered glass top held by steel.

Cleaning Options
Mild soap and water with a micro-soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or chemicals

Moving the table
There are small wheels under 1 side of the table. Pick up the none wheel side to move.
You can optionally place fabric or plastic sliders under the legs for easy movement on thicker carpet surfaces

Weight capacity
High weight capacity suitable for a dinner with plenty of food and elbows. ~200 Lbs +

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Panel Finish

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A Phenomenal Flexible Table

This table is certainly worth the large price tag. While expensive, it has so many helpful features that I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

The table has two sections, one on each side, that extend out and lock into place to make the table almost twice as big as it is when both of the sections are retracted. Sliding them out is smooth and they lock into place nicely.

The table can be moved up and down, it goes down to about coffee table level, below the level of a seat or couch, which is nice to get it out of the way. It can be moved up to a high desk height, not really close to a standing desk, but high enough for even a larger chair to fit under.

The glass itself has a sort of faint green tint to it, so it is not pure white.

One of my favorite features of this table is that writing with dry erase marker on it works very very well. It holds the writing just like a whiteboard and erases cleanly. I like to write things on the extended sections and then retract them to save them so they don’t get smudged off. Very helpful for working on projects and writing down my thoughts.

Overall, this table was exactly what I needed for my office (which is actually a SheShed). The height is adjustable, it has extending sides that hide away nicely, and I can write on it.

Jan from MN (Grey Eagle, US)
Perfect for Our Space

We have a small place so this table is perfect to serve as a coffee table or a dining table. The extensions on each end give us even more flexibility...room to put a jigsaw puzzle together or have a small dinner party!! We're very happy with it!

Wendy Spicknell (Vancouver, CA)
Space galore!

The table is great and multipurpose in my small space.
It’s stiff to move since it’s new but they tell me it will loosen up with use.

Norris Schultz (Carson City, US)

We love the table--it looks and performs really well.It took some doing, though. We found some problems with the lifting mechanism, but with some help from the
nice folks at Expand furniture and a little tinkering on mine, we got things working properly. You folks have a nice line of products!