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Top-Rated Multifunctional Space Saving Furniture In Barrie

You love the place in Barrie that you are living in, whether it’s a house or an apartment, but you are also running a little low on space. Getting the wrong pieces of furniture can quickly change the place from “cozy” to “ridiculously cramped” in a short amount of time. That’s why you need to get things that have more than one purpose so that you can use the space the you have as best as you can.

These pieces of furniture include things like coffee tables that can expand to seat six people and then shrink back down. There are game consoles that hide nano chairs under them. We have thought about all kinds of spacing solutions and have come up with the best solutions for you. Contact us today!

Top Rated Barrie Space Saving Furniture

Transforming Furniture For Barrie Houses & Apartments

About Our Space Saving Furniture Store Serving Barrie

We at Expand Furniture take great pride in creating things that both make people’s lives easier and also make their homes look great. You can choose from sofas that turn into beds to tables that expand and shrink to beds that also act as storage units. Whatever you need, we can create it for you and customize it to fit your place exactly. Check us out today!

Space Saving Murphy Beds For Sale

Space Saving Furniture For Your Home In Barrie

The last thing you want is to be walking around your Barrie home and feeling like you are always navigating past a piece of furniture. We can fix that by creating items that are very useful but also look great in whatever configuration you want it at the time. These are things that will not take up a lot of room and will add a modern feel. You will love how your home looks when you buy our furniture.

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Space Saving Desk With Murphy Bed

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Stylish Space Saving Dining Table

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Comfortable Transforming Tables & Chairs

Our Clients' Reviews

5-Star Rated Furniture Store Serving Barrie

“I love my new coffee table. It was super easy to assemble and has many great features including a high gloss, classy look, storage, and the lifttop makes it very functional for reading or eating. I highly recommend this product.”

Lynn T.★★★★★

“Furniture might be nice but I wasn’t aware you need an appointment for visiting. The person there seemed pretty tired and not friendly”

Jaspinder K.★★★★★

“Most versatile piece of furniture ever. Well engineered, operates smoothly and easily. Sleek modern design you will love! Expand furniture collections are show stoppers! Enjoy.”

Suzanne W.★★★★★

Modern Space Saving Furniture Dealers In Barrie

Transform Your Barrie Home With Space Saving Furniture

Barrie Space Saving Tables

You love sitting around your table talking with people like your family and friends. What you don’ t love is feeling like you are being cramped in a small room with a table. We can fix that for you by customizing tables that will not only look sleek and modern but also be able to expand for more people and contract for fewer. That way, you can control the feel of the room. There are many different styles and colors to choose from, as well.

Space Saving Tables For Sale

Barrie Space Saving Chairs

Chairs are an important part of a room. People can sit on them to relax while talking to others around them. But having to push them around to make room can be quite aggravating. We have a solution for that – our modern nano chairs can fold up and become unobtrusive. You can also look at ottomans with hidden chairs. These are durable and you will love how long they last. They are also quite comfortable and will look fantastic in your Barrie home or apartment. Come check them out!

Barrie Hidden Walls Beds

There are times that you don’t want to have an obvious bed. It might be because you are very limited with your space, but we have wall beds that will look like bookshelves when not in use. Then you can just pull the bed out when you sleep so that you can get a great night’s rest on our comfortable mattress. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from and they will also make your place look modern with their sleek designs.

Hidden Wall Beds

Barrie Space Saving Sofas

Space Saving Sofas with hidden storage

Just like a table, a sofa can be a big social hub. People plop down on it to watch their favorite tv shows, sports events, or other things. That means that they want to have space to stretch out and relax. Having a sofa that is too large can make an already small room look tiny. That won’t be the case when you shop at Expand Furniture. We have sofas that will fit perfectly and you will love the selections of materials and colors.
You will be impressed with how long these pieces of furniture last. You will also pay a very reasonable price for these items, and we often have sales to make those prices even lower.

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We know that you want to get the best deal for your money. We offer high quality furniture that will save a lot of space. Our workers are proud of the high-quality and durable items that they work to create. Reach out to us today if you are unsure of what our prices are. Get ready to make your Barrie home look great!

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