What Are Good Storage Furniture Solutions For a Child’s Room?

What Are Good Storage Furniture Solutions for a Child's Room? By Expand Furniture in Vancouver

Having a comfortable, spacious home can be quite frustrating when balancing your home life with your children’s. Where to keep all of the child’s toys, clothes, and other accessories while still having room for the child to move around and play is a difficult task. There are a few easy ideas for storage.

Murphy beds and couches can help turn the child’s bed/sleeping space into a play space. Some beds even contain storage units on the ‘wall’ side, so you can place their clothes in there.

Another idea is a storage bed. These are pretty popular for children, as it is convenient for the parents and fun for the kids! These are beds where you can place clothes and toys neatly underneath the mattress, in a hidden storage area.

Murphy Bunk Bed Made in Italy | Expand Furniture

Lastly, there are always creative ways you can use storage containers. Compartmentalizing items within storage containers by using shoe boxes, is one example. Another idea is to vacuum seal off-season clothes within a large Ziploc, and then layer the clothes atop each other, creating 3/4’s the space that was originally provided.

Storage units are a great way to contain space in your children’s environment, and it also helps teach them how to keep organized. If not a container to keep under their bed, you could consider a storage bed, where the storage unit is built-in! If curious, check out Expand Furniture for more tips!

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