Tips To Maximize Your Virtual Reality Room Space

Tips To Maximize Your Virtual Reality Room Space

How To Set Up Your Room For The Perfect VR Experience

As a group of interior designers, furniture designers and enthusiasts, we are experts in space-saving furniture and we are going to show you how you can make enough room in your home so you can play VR in comfort.
For a good Virtual Reality Metaverse Experience you need about 6 feet by 6 feet. Of course, the more room you can free up the more immersive your experience is going to be.

Compatto Revolving TV Murphy Bed in walnut noce sabah

What Is a Good Space For VR?

The 3 top areas in your home for playing VR are going to be a living room, a bedroom, or a basement. There are some cheeky ideas on how to make space in other places, but we can get to that later.

Making Space In Your Bedroom To Play VR

The absolute best place to make space for VR is a bedroom. The elephant in the room is the bed that takes up all your space and does not allow you to play VR. The simple solution is to go for a Murphy Bed. They lift up easily and out of the way and it creates more than 6 feet of depth. If you have a double or queen bed, you have enough room for VR. Your room is going to be the best place for VR because you can close the door and you won’t bump into anyone else. You will also have privacy so people might not judge your flailing arms and body movements that are out of context to your virtual experience. If you are in need of extra storage space, a Compatto Revolving Wall Bed Bookshelf can be the perfect space-saving solution for your bedroom. The shelves can swivel around to reveal a single bed and it also has added storage space for all your VR equipment or books.

Transforming Your Living Room Into a VR Gaming Room

How do you make a 6 foot by 6 foot space in your living room if all of your furniture is in the way?

It might seem obvious to just push your sofa and coffee table out of the way, but this is going to be a chore and heavy each time you move them.

On a budget? There is a simple solution to this, furniture sliders!
If you are on a hard surface like concrete, tile or hardwood look for fabric furniture sliders. They go underneath the legs of your sofa or a coffee table and will make sliding furniture considerably easier.

If you are on a carpet, you want to look for carpet plastic sliders. This creates a slippery surface that does not grip your carpet and allows your furniture to slide more easily.

The furniture sliders can’t be underestimated, they can even be placed below a piano to make it so one person can move these super heavy items.

Looking For a Furniture Upgrade?

Get a Coffee Transformer table that has wheels. Not only are these height-adjustable tables super convenient for when you are watching tv or want a meal with a movie but they are also mobile so you can roll them to another area easily. Look for a modular sofa system so you can reconfigure the seats or change the shapes. If you have a modular sofa you can simply pull away your chaise seat and slide it away.

Converting Your Garage Into The Optimal Play Space For Your Oculus Quest VR System

A simple cheeky idea is to drive your car out of the garage and you now should have a 6ft space and privacy. This might not be ideal for comfort, but you can work on your garage to make it a gaming paradise.

Can I Use a VR headset In a Small Room?

While a larger room is ideal for VR gaming, it is still possible to enjoy the experience in a smaller space with some careful planning and furniture selection. Consider investing in modular or collapsible furniture to maximize your available space, and make sure to clear away any potential hazards before starting your VR session. Additionally, be aware of your movements and stay conscious of any obstacles in the room to avoid bumping into walls or furniture. With a bit of creativity and planning, even a small room can become a fully immersive VR environment.

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