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Murphy wall beds offer a great way for you to free up space in a room without having to move furniture or sacrifice your sleep quality. You can put a Murphy wall bed in a child’s room to clear up space for play during the day, or you can put a Murphy bed in an office space and pull down the bed when you have guests in town.

The bed lifts up easily and pushes flat against the wall, revealing cabinet doors or wall panels that complement the decor in the room.

Many Murphy wall beds include additional features that expand their usefulness, such as sofas, desks, and bookshelves. You don’t have to move these other items to use the bed — the bed moves up and down to reveal the other items attached without any heavy lifting.

Murphy beds with desks are very popular since they work well in kids’ rooms and home offices.

Freestanding Murphy Bed Desk

Traditional Murphy beds are contained in a cabinet that has to be mounted to the wall for security. Otherwise, when you pull down the bed, the whole unit would tumble over on top of you.

Trending Now - Our No Mounting Murphy Wall Bed Desk Murphy bed desks include a desk platform on hinges that is attached to the bottom of the bed. When you pull the bed down, the desk is dropped below the mattress. You don’t have to move it or adjust it when you are moving the bed. The desk is re-positioned automatically. You don’t even have to remove your work from the desktop!

With the freestanding Murphy bed desk, legs are attached to the desk to provide some counterbalance for the bed unit. The bed does not have to be mounted to the wall because the metal legs prevent the unit from toppling over.

You still don’t have to do anything to reposition the desk when you are moving the bed. Just pull the bed down when you need it and push it back against the wall when you don’t. The bed and the desk move easily between the bars.

More Options for Use

A freestanding Murphy bed desk can be used in any room thanks to its simple design. You don’t have to worry about having studs in the right locations or being able to use other methods to mount the bed to the wall. Wherever you have a floor and the space, you can put a freestanding Murphy bed.

The simple design also means that just about anybody can put the bed together. You will have to oversee some assembly, but you can get video and phone support to help you through any issues you might encounter.

The bed is queen sized, so it can fit more people. Its modern aesthetic and flexible design options also mean that you can get it to fit with the decor in more rooms of your home. You could have a freestanding Murphy bed in every room of your home.

Designing Your Freestanding Murphy Bed Desk

Color Options For The Freestanding Murphy Wall Bed Desk The basic freestanding Murphy bed desk unit comes in a clean and modern design that includes straight lines and a simple white finish.

However, many more panel finishes are available, including natural wood tones of maple, white oak, walnut, cherry and wenge. You can also choose a separate panel for the desk, and options include bright colors like yellow, orange, red and blue, as well as subdued tones like taupe and seafoam.

You can create a classic or funky look depending on the combinations you choose. You’ll be able to use this desk in a child’s room or a formal guest room, and you’ll be able to match any decor you have in the room.

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