Our New Sofa Beds Are “Just Right” …Goldilocks Approved.

There are still horrible hotel sofa beds that somehow pass as sleeping space for paying guests, which undoubtedly for anyone who’s ever slept on one knows – is highway robbery. Coming from a large family myself, we were often made to squeeze into one-bedroom hotel rooms, sleeping head-to-toe on double beds (if we were lucky), or we would draw the short straw for sleeping on the single pullout-cot or even worse, the dreaded usually floral-decorated sofa bed. Sleepless nights and sore backs from loose springs digging into you and a thin mattress which was often limply bending over rib-breaking steel bars that barely supported the weight of the person. I actually have visions of Melissa McCarthy in her latest comedy The Boss, being tossed against the wall because the spring mechanism fails on the pullout-sofa bed she was sleeping on.
The comfortable sleeper sofa Renoir
Well, thank goodness some poor kid (who’d had enough of sleeping on shoddy hotel sofa beds) finally grew up and designed a full-sized queen bed that miraculously still popped out of a functional sofa, and was super comfortable.

The latest sofa beds are made with environmentally friendly memory foam and are far from flimsy. Boasting a 5-inch-thick, queen mattress Harmony Sofabed from Expand Furniture offers one seriously luxurious sofa beds on the market. The Harmony uses a tri-fold memory foam mattress – layered from a high density support foam to soft memory foam which makes it so comfortable that even Goldilocks would approve! Unlike a conventional pullout-sofa bed that uses springs and metal bars which you feel all night, the Harmony is redefining the sofa bed category.

The sofa and bed are built with ISO certified eucalyptus wood for extra strength and durability as well as a steel frame structure; the slat system supports a weight load of over 1500 lbs – a far cry from the collapsing old and awkward systems. There are no uneven spots or springs poking out that might jab you in the middle of the night. The sofa’s back rest has 4 multiple angle positions so you can adjust to your perfect level of relaxation.

Harmony Queen Memory Foam Ultra Compact Sofa Bed

Comfortable and stylish sofabeds
The fabric choices are great too, no yucky, scratch, ugly floral or southwest style prints, instead high grade fabrics in neutral Grey and Beige as well as PU leather. The sofa itself is designed to be fashion forward, sharp looking and is produced with environmentally conscious materials since it’s important to know what we breathe in and contribute back to the planet by making as ethical choices as possible.

Another Goldilocks’ choice is the Cloud Sofa Bed, a modern 3-seater sofa with the option to convert into a Queen Size sleeper for your bears …uh… guests. Soft plush back pillows help make the Cloud Sofa an absolute pleasure to sit on after a long day. Its traditional seating design does more than seat three, it can transform into a queen sized bed designed slightly longer than a regular queen bed which your tall daddy bears/guests might appreciate!

If you are looking for sofa beds that wow and are comfortable, Expand Furniture can help. We have many fantastic transforming beds that are comfortable and stylish such as our sofa wall beds, or Murphy beds. Contact us today to learn more.


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