Easy to lift Murphy Beds with demonstration by a Grandmother


The Hover and MurphySofa wall bed systems have a strong hydraulic lift system which makes them light enough to be lifted by people of all ages. An interested facebook follower of our page noted we always show a younger man lifting the beds up and questioned whether an older smaller female could manage with our wall bed systems. The answer is a resounding yes! Our 74 year old mother kindly enough volunteered to be our model for this demonstration. She is about 106 lbs. Being a grandmother of 2 she is in good shape but still petite. The systems are designed to be self counter balanced which helps the beds ‘hover’ in mid air which lets you lift and lower portions very easily. They take a bit of pressure to initially pull down (safety) and a bit of weight to pickup initially (so they stay down when you are sleeping). The overall result is a very low effort to lift and lower the beds that even a grandmother can do it!  Watch the video demo below.

Grandma Opening and Closing MurphySofa Easy to Use Wall Bed System

The model demonstrated here was the MurphySofa Queen size bed. However the Hover compact wall beds use the same mechanics, so they are just as easy to use.

We also have plenty of other thin wall beds that are easy to use that can be found here:



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