Home Design Tips for the Modern City Dweller

Modern City Living Design Ideas
Bustling cities like Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Vancouver can be exciting places to live. You can meet all kinds of different people, and there’s always something new to do or discover. Yet the same things that make city living so fun and interesting can also be drawbacks. You may start to feel overwhelmed by all that activity, and you may feel like you have a hard time finding your own space.Your apartment should be a haven away from it all, but if you have a smaller place or one that’s near a lot of noise, you may not feel like you are escaping. Here are a few home design tips that can make your city apartment more welcoming and calming:

Use Space-Saving Furniture

Home Design Tips for the Modern City Dweller Whether you have a tiny studio apartment or a spacious loft, space-saving furniture will make your home look even bigger and will give you more opportunities to create the functionality you need. For example, you can instantly create a guest “bedroom” by putting a wall bed in any room of your home. When you have guests, pull down the mattress and create a cozy sleeping space. When it’s just you at home, put the wall bed away to reveal a sofa, desk or shelves.

Other space-saving furniture you might want to consider including tables that can transform from coffee tables to full-length dining tables, designer folding chairs, and loft bed kits that let you take advantage of vertical space.

Choose a Bright and Soothing Palette

Bright colors can make your space seem larger and more inviting. Specifically, colors like light blues and greens (or a combination of the two) can make the room seem more soothing and relaxing. Not only will you feel like you have more room to stretch out, but you’ll also feel instantly calmer when you enter the room. Those same benefits will transfer to guests when they visit.

Make Good Use of Lighting

Modern table designs
The right lighting and fixtures can transform a space. You can make a small space seem much larger, and you can make an uninteresting room look stylish and sophisticated.

Experiment with track lighting, hanging light fixtures, recessed lighting and lamps to find out what shows off your apartment’s features best. You may even consider consulting with an interior designer for this portion of your redesign since lighting selection can get quite complicated.

Expand Furniture has all the space-saving furniture you need to get your redesign started. We sell a wide range of convertible tables, wall beds with sofas and desks, folding chairs and more. Our furniture is made of high-quality materials for a gorgeous look and a long life. Our range of designs ensures that you will find just the right pieces to fit your personal style and to complement the space. We ship all over the country for your convenience. Explore our catalog now to find the perfect space-saving furniture to make over your city apartment and to make it feel more inviting.

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