Space-Saving Bed Options for City Apartments


Living in a big city like New York City or Los Angeles is exciting. You feel like you have the world at your fingers. Everywhere you turn, there are world-famous dining establishments, designer shops, and museums that house the art work you learned about in textbooks. You might even bump into a celebrity or two.

Space-Saving Bed Options for City Apartments

However, the downside to living in a big city like Boston, Seattle or Houston is that real estate tends to be on the small side. Even if you buy what’s considered to be a spacious apartment in these cities, you’ll still end up having much less square footage than you would in most other places around the country. Big cities mean a lot of residents, and a lot of residents mean less space for everyone.

You don’t have to work four jobs to afford a bigger apartment or leave the city for the suburbs to get the space you want. You just have to be more creative with the space you have. Using space-saving furniture can help you make your home feel much bigger than it is.

Your bedroom is a great place to start when exploring space-saving furniture, and Expand Furniture has a number of stylish yet practical options from which to choose. (We also ship worldwide.)

Here are a few space-saving bed options to consider for city apartments:

Murphy Sofa Bed

Italian murphy sofa wall bed options with Expand Furniture! A Murphy sofa bed is a wall bed that is combined with a sofa. When you are not using the bed, you can fold it up against the wall, and a sofa will be where the bed was. You don’t have to move the sofa in or out of the space. The bed will rest right over top the sofa when you are ready to sleep.

Murphy sofa beds can help you make a bedroom out of a living room or a home office out of a bedroom. These aren’t like dowdy sofa beds that are often covered in florals and are difficult to use. The bed easily lifts up and down, and both the bed and the sofa are stylish and modern.

Desk Wall Beds

Instead of a sofa where your bed was, you can have a desk. When you lift up the bed, a desk platform will fall into place, creating the perfect home study area. Just like with the sofa, you don’t have to move anything. Just lift the bed, and the desk is automatically there.

Desk wall beds use superior design technology that makes it easy to lift the bed up and down and that puts the desk exactly where you need it to be when you are ready to study. These beds are perfect for home offices or for kids’ rooms where you need more space. They are ideal for dorm rooms, where space is at a premium.

Wall Beds and Revolving Wall Beds

Revolving wall bed that comes with an organizing bookcase Of course, a basic wall bed can help you save a lot of space also. When the wall bed is folded up, the unit looks like a cabinet or a part of the wall. You can buy wall beds that have moldings that look like the rest of the room.

Some wall beds, including revolving wall beds, also have shelving attached to the unit. You can store your books, media and other items on the unit to make the room look nice and to get more storage.

Revolving wall beds turn vertically to reveal a hidden bookshelf on the other side. You’ll not only save space, but you’ll also feel like you are a millionaire with a secret room.

Lift and Store beds

storage lift bed made in italy for expand Instead of just a normal bed in your room consider a bed that can lift up to reveal a huge storage compartment. Many apartment dwellers are tight on space and some even pay for extra storage in their buildings or at private storage centers. An investment in a lifting storage bed can give you the extra storage boost and at the convenience of being inside your home. No trips to the storage lockers, just lift up your bed! Check out the Italian lift and storage bed.

Expand Furniture sells a wide selection of Murphy wall beds, desk wall beds, revolving wall beds, and basic wall beds. Our beds come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors so you can get the functionality and look that you want for your home. Our beds are made of the highest-quality workmanship and materials, so you aren’t just buying furniture when you buy these beds — you’re making an investment. These beds will be with you for many years, and they will continue to deliver the performance and comfort you want year after year. Explore our online catalog to find the perfect space-saving bed for you.

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