Spring Cleaning: De-Clutter Your Home with Style

spring cleaning De-Clutter Your Home with Style

The days are getting brighter, the grass is getting greener, and the trees are getting fuller. It’s time for spring! The whole world will feel like it is opening up, and you’ll want to throw open your doors and windows to let the natural light and the fresh air in. But when you do, you’re bound to discover that your home needs a little brightening, as well. It’s the perfect time to inject some new life into your home to help it blossom.

De-cluttering is the first step to cleaning up your home and giving it new life. Here are a few tips for getting started and for making sure that your home gets new style in the process:

space saving Sectional Wall bed sofa combination Eliminate Furniture

De-cluttering can be an overwhelming process for some. You look around and see clutter everywhere. Where do you even start? Getting rid of some of the larger items in the space can clear up a lot of room and make you feel like you have made significant progress.

Get rid of any furniture that you no longer need. Many of us have side tables or extra chairs that are more decorative than functional, and they only serve to take up floor space. You can then get rid of furniture and replace it with combination pieces, such as sofa beds. Instead of having a couch and a bed, you can have one piece that takes up less space. Or you can get a sofa wall bed that lets you turn one room into both a common area and a sleeping area.

Space saving sofa beds are just one example of how you can reduce the amount of furniture in your home while also updating its style. You can remove unnecessary items from your home while also introducing stylish new décor.

stoage space saving floating shelves Take Advantage of Storage

Of course, one of the first things you’ll do to de-clutter your home is to get rid of items that you no longer need or want. But after you do that, you need to find ways to better organize or store the items that remain.

A storage bed is a great solution. You can put clothing and other items in the drawers under the bed, keeping things out of sight but within easy reach. You can also use open wall storage, like shelving in the kitchen for dishes or in the living room for books and décor. Some sofa wall beds also have shelving attached, either like a bookcase at the side or as a floating shelf.

Don’t overlook the backs of doors for storage. Hang coats and purses on the backs of closet doors, or put knives and spices on the backs of kitchen cabinet doors with magnetic strips.

Modular cubes space saving storage Organize Closets and Pantries

Closets offer so many opportunities to keep clutter out of sight, but they often become black holes for clutter. Instead of creating a clutter zone to keep clutter out of sight, take the time to organize your closets and pantries so that you have things right where you need them and so you can make more room for items.

Put additional shelves in your closets to take full advantage of the vertical space. Then add cubbies, bins, or built-in items to create space for each item. The goal is to have a place for everything – not just to shove items into the space or throw them on piles.

Change Your Lifestyle

One reason that de-cluttering can seem so overwhelming is that people put it off until the situation has gotten out of control. By changing your lifestyle, you can make organizing and cleaning a part of your routine. Once you’ve done your major de-cluttering and found a place for everything in your home, you can spend a few minutes each day tidying up and making sure that everything is in its place. Or you can spend an hour or two on the weekend catching up.

sectional wall bed space saving De-cluttering your home can make it seem bigger and more inviting, and it can make you more relaxed and comfortable. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you look around, unencumbered by mountains of stuff. You’ll have more room to enjoy the things you want to do, and you’ll feel happier inviting guests to your home.

While we can’t do anything about the mountains of laundry shoved in your closet or the overflowing pantry in your kitchen, Expand Furniture can help you eliminate some of the clutter in your home with our space saving sofa beds. You can find large and comfortable options like a king or queen sofa bed sleeper, as well as great storage options like a sofa wall bed with shelving. Kick-start your spring cleaning with one of our great sofa beds or some of our other attractive space saving furniture.

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