5 Popular Office Uses of Space-Saving Furniture

5 Popular office uses of space-saving furniture

Space-saving furniture is ideal for office spaces. You need to create a professional, uncluttered, and pleasing space for clients, as well as to enhance worker productivity and maintain morale. Yet office space is expensive, and you can’t undercut your bottom line by blowing the budget on more square footage that isn’t entirely necessary. The right space-saving furniture will help you get more out of the space you have while still creating an aesthetically pleasing space for workers and clients alike.

Here are five popular office uses of space-saving furniture to give you a few ideas:

Transforming Office Space

The ludovico office will help save space

A lot of people are finding ways to work from home or to work for themselves either in a home office or a small office share. The Ludovico Office makes it easier to do this by saving as much space as possible. This transforming office is as compact as a filing cabinet when not in use, but it folds out into a small desk, chair and storage drawers. It doesn’t make for a fancy office space, but it gives you just what you need without taking up extra space.

Ludovico Micro Office for Small Spaces | Expand Furniture

Many people use transforming office spaces like the Ludovico in place of the soul-sucking cubicle or rose of conference tables like you see in some office shares. The Ludovico gives everyone their own private work area, and it conserves as much space as possible.

Extendable Tables

The Slate and increase its seating capacity in seconds

Your work ebbs and flows, and when it does, you have more space or less. Instead of letting your heavier work flor overtake your desk and impede your productivity, invest in an extendable table like The Bridge or The Slate. Both are gorgeous work stations that have extendable leaves that give you extra space when you need it. When work is not as heavy, make your desk more compact and keep clutter at a minimum.

Desks with Storage

This compact office & bed solution is designed to fit into small spaces

For your home office, you may not have enough space to incorporate a separate bedroom and office space. With a wall bed desk, you can quickly and discreetly hide away your bed and turn it into the perfect office for your compact home. Choose from any number of wall bed desks that fit with your decor and meet your needs for not only your workspace needs, but for your own comfort as well.

Expanding Chairs

Invest in expanding chairs

You don’t need to bulk up your office with a lot of benches or unused seating for guests. Instead, you can invest in expanding chairs that can transform as needed. The Flexible Love expands into a bench that can curve around a table for meetings or consultations. It can also curve the other direction to create a fun seating area for guests waiting to be seen.

You can also save space with folding chairs. You can use them for your own seating or for guests and clients.

Modular Shelving

The modular shelves take up much less space

Modular storage systems allow you to keep books and other supplies close at hand or to display some of your best art work or décor. The shelves take up much less space than bulky bookcases, and they are more stylish. You can even configure the shelves to take on whatever shape you like. For example, you could configure the shelves to take on the shape of your logo or a product that you sell.

The shelves snap together easily, and they come in neutral colors like black and white. Some can also include small fabric bins for keeping things like office supplies.

Expand Furniture has just about everything you need to create a stylish work area that conserves space, whether you are working from home or in a shared office space. You can make the most out of smaller square footage without sacrificing the functionality you need or the style you crave. Our furniture is designed with a contemporary aesthetic, yet the simple design and neutral colors are timeless. All furniture is built with quality materials and construction for durability and longevity. Explore our catalog to find the office furniture you need now.

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