Expand Furniture Customer Favorites by Room

Expand Furniture customer favorites by room

Expand Furniture helps people improve their home décor while also making the most of their space, whether they live in a studio apartment in a mega metropolis or they live in a sprawling, luxury estate on rural farmland. Our furniture is designed to look beautiful while also offering multi-functionality so that you can get more out of every square foot in your home. Our furniture is both practical and luxurious.

When you look through our expansive catalogue, you may have a hard time deciding on the furniture you want. There are so many great options, no matter what room you are trying to furnish. To help you narrow your choices, we’ve put together a list of some of our customer favorites. Consider one of these options, or use them as a starting point for exploring similar designs:

Box Coffee to Dining Table

Box coffee to dining table

It’s hard to put most of our furniture into a particular room because they can be used in more than one. This Box Coffee to Dining Table can be used in your living room to convert it easily into a dining space. You could also use the table in a study, home office, family room, or even an outdoor entertaining space like a patio.

The table looks like a stylish coffee table when it is in its base state. The legs raise up, and the sides pull out to transform the table into a dining table that can seat up to eight people. The table has a beautiful, glossy finish, and you can choose from a variety of stains or colors. You can choose a classic look like dark walnut, or you can choose something more modern like a dove grey or crisp white. You can also choose from different leg options.

With the Box Coffee to Dining Table, you can easily host large dinner parties or family gatherings without having to maintain a formal dining space. The transforming table is also great for accommodating extra guests, such as for celebrations and holiday gatherings.

Modern Modular Sofa Set

Modern modular sofa set

Today’s sectional sofas aren’t all that flexible. You typically get two or three pieces that are designed to only fit together in one way. In fact, when you order the sectional, you typically have to indicate how you are going to set it up so that you get the piece with the arm on the right side or the left. With this Modern Modular Sofa Set, you get much more flexibility in the way you can set up the sectional.

Each seat of the sectional is a separate piece. The individual cubes can go together in a number of comfortable configurations. Even the corner pieces can be moved into any location since they have backs on both sides. The sectional is ideal for use in your living room, family room, play room, home office, or guest room. Because it can be configured any way you like, it can be easily moved into any room you like, as well. You can even break it up to create separate pieces within the same room or different rooms.

Modern Soft Cube Modular Sofa Set

Harmony King Sofa Bed with Memory Foam

Harmony king sofa bed with memory foam

The Harmony King Sofa Bed with Memory Foam will make your guests a lot more comfortable than most beds you can buy. The memory foam mattress will hug them gently through the night, giving them support just where they need it and making them feel like they are sleeping on air. Your guests will look forward to visiting you when they know they have this bed awaiting them!

When the bed is not in use, this sofa bed creates an attractive, contemporary sofa. You can put this sofa proudly in your main entertaining space, or you can use it in a guest bedroom or home office. Of course, you don’t have to reserve the sofa bed for your guests. You can also use it in one of your bedrooms for your own comfortable night’s sleep while also clearing up space during the day.

Whatever room you are trying to furnish, Expand Furniture has some great options for you. We can help you accommodate unexpected guests, or we can help you get rid of clutter with one of our Murphy wall beds or our modular shelving systems. With each furniture piece we offer, you can also make your home look more stylish and sophisticated. Browse our catalogue to see what else we have to offer, or try out one of these great customer favorites.

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