Contemporary Glass Coffee and Dining Tables for Every Occasion

Contemporary Glass Coffee and Dining Tables for Every Occasion

How often do you actually use your dining table? If you’re like so many people who have busy schedules, you probably eat your meals on the go or sitting in front of the television at the end of a long day.

Some people skip eating at a formal dining table because they don’t have the time to cook and eat formal meals, but other people skip dinner at the table because they just don’t have the room to house a formal dining table. Well, they may technically have the room, but they prefer to use that space for something else, like a home office or an exercise area.

With an expanding table, you don’t have to make the choice. You can save the space in your home and still eat a sit-down meal when you have the time.

Expanding Coffee to Dining Tables

Glass Box Coffee Table By Expand Furniture An expanding coffee to dining table is the ideal option for the modern homeowner who is looking to maximize space but maintain a certain aesthetic.

For example, the Glass Box Coffee Table has a gorgeous design that will stand out in your living room or other entertaining space. It has a simple design with a mixed grey glass finish. (It is also available in a white glass finish.) The clean lines and gorgeous finish make it a striking piece that is also easy to clean.

When you are ready to eat a formal dinner or to have guests over for a meal, you can raise the table up on metal legs. The table accommodates up to ten guests, and it looks just as good as a formal dining table as it did a modern coffee table.

The table is lightweight enough to move to another room if you like, or you can serve guests right in your dining area — assuming you have the right seating.

Investing in an expanding coffee to dining table can help you easily transition a room to create the perfect space for formal dining.

Simple Execution

Horizon Extending Glass Table Expanding coffee tables may take advantage of advanced designs, but they are easy to use.

Just take a look at the Horizon Extending Glass Table or the Obsidian Small Table Glass Lift. Both are gorgeous, modern coffee tables that have stylish designs. Both sit on metal legs that cross over in a scissor formation. The legs can raise or lower the table by scissoring up or down. When you want to transform the table for a meal, you can just raise the legs and open up the eaves that are contained within the table top.

Modern Design

These expanding coffee tables are not just practical — they are also beautiful.

In keeping with modern design, these expanding coffee tables have simple lines without elaborate molding or accents. You just get straight lines and smooth surfaces.

Obsidian Small Table Glass Lift These tables also have glossy and metallic finishes instead of traditional woods with stains in different shades of brown. Neutral colors like white, silver and black are used. These tables can be paired with almost any other furniture in the room.

Quality Craftsmanship

Many manufacturers sell furniture that has a simple design and modern look. However, a lot of this furniture is made of cheap material and it doesn’t last longer than a few years. That simple design isn’t a style choice — it’s the result of cutting corners.

At Expand Furniture, all of our expanding coffee to dining tables are made of the highest-quality craftsmanship. Quality materials are used, and attention to detail is given in their craftsmanship. These tables are built to last.

Explore the rest of the catalog at Expand Furniture to find more modern coffee tables or other space-saving furniture that will improve the look of your home while also helping you to maximize space. You can shop for a round glass coffee table or an expanding dining table that can seat 12. We also have Murphy beds, expanding and folding chairs, modular storage systems, and more.

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