Best Feature Checklist for Freestanding Wall Beds

best feature checklist for freestanding wall beds

Best Feature Checklist for Freestanding Wall Beds

Freestanding wall beds are great options for rooms where you want to get the most out of the space. Say you have an extra room that you’d like to have available for guests when they are visiting, but you’d also like to use the room as a home office or even a home gym. You don’t want to clutter the room with a bed all year when guests are only using the bed a few weekends out of the year.

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Wall beds help you get the use you want out of the room. You just pull the bed down when you have guests, and you push it against the wall when it’s not in use. Since the bed is freestanding, you can move it to any location in the room that is most convenient.

You have a lot of options for a lift bed, so it is important that you do a little research before you buy. Here’s a list of some of the best features you can find in freestanding wall beds to help you decide what’s best for you:

counter balancing freestanding wall bed Counter Balancing

Freestanding wall beds are able to remain upright with the help of counter balancing. Otherwise, the weight of the bed would cause it to fall over. Typically, the counter balancing is achieved by some steel legs mounted at right angles to the bed cabinet. The bed pulls down between the bars, so you don’t have to move anything out of the way to use the bed.

Check to see that any lift bed you are considering has stable counter balancing measures in place. You don’t want to worry about the bed tipping or shifting every time you use it. You should feel confident that the bed will remain firmly in place while you are pulling down the mattress or putting it away.

freestanding wall bed with desk Desk or Shelving

Many freestanding wall beds include a desk or shelf to offset the look for the legs provided for counter balancing. Without it, the legs could look like an eyesore with no purpose.

The desk top or shelf that is attached to the bed should fall in place automatically when the bed is lifted. You should be able to lower the mattress without having to move the attached desk top or shelf. It should be mounted on a hinge or other mechanism that allows it to swing below the bed when it is in the down position and then swing back into position when the bed is up.

free standing wall bed with panels Multiple Panel Finishes

Wall beds and convertible wall bed sofas come in all styles, and one of the easiest ways to change the look to suit your preferences is to choose a panel finish. Look for beds that offer you multiple options.

At Expand Furniture, our beds come in finishes like glossy white or wood grains like white oak, cherry, walnut, maple, and wenge. Some beds also include the option to have an additional color on the front panel of the cabinet. These panels come in a variety of colors, like yellow, blue, green and red.

With these options, you can make your bed look unique to your space and can match your personal aesthetic.

free standing wall bed support instructions Support

Many freestanding wall beds must be assembled when they arrive. If you do not have any experience putting together furniture, this may be challenging. You’ll need to be from a company that provides plenty of support, like Expand Furniture. Our team provides support over the phone and in person via Skype, and we provide several manuals to help you troubleshoot issues if they arise.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the bed put together and ready to enjoy.

Expand Furniture sells a variety of walls beds, including freestanding wall beds and those that are attached to the wall and come with features like shelving, bookcases and sofas. Multiple customization options are available that allow you to get the look and functionality you want. We also sell other space-saving furniture options, such as expanding tables, shelving systems, and folding chairs. You can find high-quality and stylish furniture options for all the rooms in your home. Explore our catalog to find what you need now. Contact us today!

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