Buyer Featured Glass End Tables to Highlight Any Room

buyer featured glass end tables to highlight any room

Glass tables are the perfect choice for any modern home. They have a sleek and sophisticated design that fits right in with contemporary décor. You can use them in your living room, your study, a bedroom, a guest room, or a home office. You can even use them strategically in a kitchen or dining room.

Lap Side Table for Convenient Living Room Furniture

At Expand Furniture, we have a wide variety of glass accent living room tables and other glass end tables. Our buyers are pleased with all the tables in our catalogue, but they’ve been especially positive about some of our selections. Here are the top buyer-rated glass tables that we offer to highlight the best in any room:

crescent tall white glass side table Crescent Glass Side Table

This table is beautiful in its simplicity. It has a smooth, square glass table top on elegant silver legs. Instead of four straight legs like a traditional table would have, it has two straight legs and two legs that bend toward the middle in a crescent shape. A square base provides stability to ensure that the table stays balanced.

The Crescent Glass Side Table is so beautiful that you won’t want to hide it behind a sofa or love seat. You’ll want to have this on display where people can see all of its beautiful features.

The table would look wonderful with a simple lamp on its surface or with an elegant vase or simple sculpture. The table is the perfect height for a sofa, so it would look great next to a mid-century modern piece or another sofa with a streamlined design.

white glass nesting tables Bow Nesting Tables

The Bow Nesting Tables are small enough for an apartment, but they are beautiful enough to use in any home.

Each table is shaped like a half oval, with the table top matching the shape of the frame on the base. Three legs are provided for support – two on the straight edge of the table and one at the apex of the circular side.

The three tables are designed to next inside one another. The middle table is a step smaller than the largest table, and the smallest table is a step smaller than the middle table. The nested design makes it easy to save space in your living room or any other room where you want to use the tables. Just pull out a table if you need additional space for drinks or other items when guests are over, or put the tables away when all three are not needed.

The tables can be finished in white or black glass so you can match your décor. Both have silver legs and an elegant look that will elevate the décor of any room.

side lap table from glass and wood The Lap Side Table in White Glass

Sometimes, you just need an extra surface area to enjoy a glass of wine with a good book in your living room or to serve cocktails to guests. You don’t need a huge table. The Lap Side Table in White Glass is the perfect choice.

This small but elegant table is exacting in its design. It has a compact, round table top in a shiny white glass, and it has a single black arm that curves out at the side. You can put the table at your side, and it will place your drink just to the side of your lap.

The table is compact, so it can be used in even the smallest of homes, including apartments and studios. Yet the design is so bold that it will make your home look sophisticated despite its size.

Expand Furniture has many gorgeous glass end tables like these in our catalog. You can search our online selection for glass accent living room tables or simple tables you can use in any room of your home. Our furniture is all designed to help you make the most of your space while also elevating your décor and making your home feel luxurious and sophisticated. Search our website for space-saving furniture like transforming tables, wall beds, modular storage systems and much more. Our furniture is designed with the highest-quality workmanship and the best materials, ensuring that the pieces will provide you beautiful designs for many years to come. Contact us today.

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