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Expand Furniture always offers stylish and high-quality furniture that is designed to help you make the most of your space while also elevating your décor. But some of our pieces emerge as standouts thanks to their unique designs or their superior practicality. 2017 will be an exciting year for Expand Furniture and for our customers, thanks to our standout line of furniture, ranging from sofa beds to modular wall shelving. Here are some of our customer picks for our best or most liked furniture for 2017:

Harmony King Bed Sofa

most popular sleeper sofa beds The Harmony King Bed Sofa is one of our most popular sleeper sofa beds thanks to its upscale design, exceptional comfort, and surprising ease of use. This ain’t your granny’s sleeper sofa. This sofa converts to become a king size bed that gives you plenty of room to sprawl out. Even if you sleep with a partner, you’ll never feel like you’re cramped for space. The memory foam mattress also conforms to your body to give you a wonderful night’s sleep. You get support in all the places that you need it, and you feel like you’re sleeping on feathers everywhere else.

Harmony King Bed Sofa The modern design of the Harmony King Bed Sofa fits in with any contemporary décor. The sofa has clean, geometric lines and beautiful iron grey fabric. The design is a simple one that makes the couch look sophisticated yet also makes it flexible enough to match many types of décor. If you are in the market for sofa beds, you can’t go wrong with the Harmony King Bed Sofa.

Murphy Wall Bed Sofa – Float

wall sofa bed with a floating shelve Wall beds are today’s alternative to sleeper sofa beds. You get the same functionality but with a different design that some find easier to use. The mattress is hidden in a cabinet against the wall, so you just pull it down for sleeping. The mattress rests right over the sofa that is attached to this Murphy Sofa – Float design.

floating wall bed for a small living space What’s special about this design is that it also includes floating shelves on either side of the sofa and bed cabinet. You can use this unit in a guest bedroom/home office to easily sleep guests when you have them and to store books and other items that you need for your home office at the same time. You can also use this in a family room, playroom, or even a living room in a small apartment. The Murphy Sofa – Float combo lets you turn any room into an entertaining space and a sleeping space.

Modular Wall Shelves

décor shelves Modular wall shelving offers a unique design that helps break the monotony of bookshelves and décor shelves. These Unique Cube Wall Shelves have a stylish design that will stand automatically, regardless of what you put on them. Even the most boring textbooks will look more interesting on these modular shelves.

cube wall shelves What’s great about our modular shelving systems is that they can be configured to take on different shapes. When you buy the cube wall shelves, you have just the right pieces to make a certain number of cubes. However, you can still re-configure the pieces to make whatever shape you want. Some of our other offerings are pre-packaged to create fun shapes like a whale, a running or jumping hero, or music notes. Some of our shelves come with colored backgrounds, and some come with cabinets or drawers.

Box Coffee Table

stylish box coffee table A simple coffee table can do much more than look pretty or hold drinks with the right design. The Box Coffee to Dining Table can transform from a stylish box coffee table into a lovely dining table that can seat as many as 10 people. The table top simply lifts up, and you can add leaves as needed to expand the eating area. The leaves can fit right inside the table, so you don’t have to use up extra storage space in your home.

The box coffee table would look fantastic on its own, but with its transforming quality, it helps you to get more out of your space. You don’t need to commit space to a formal dining room; you can just transform your table when you are ready to entertain guests.

How to efficiently use your living space with transforming furniture

Expand Furniture has multiple other options for sleeper sofa beds, modular wall shelving, a coffee to dining table, and other stylish furniture that helps you make more of your space. These are some of our most popular pieces for the year, but you can find other excellent options that may suit your home better by browsing our catalog online. We encourage you to explore our catalog or to speak with a customer service representative about what you need. Keep in mind that many of our pieces can be customized with your choice of fabric color or finish. Several items are offered in numerous configurations, as well, such as sofa beds that have shelves in some designs or floating desks in others.

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