Future-Proof your Home with True Modular Sofas


Expand Furniture Modular Sectional and Contemporary Sofa designs are taking a radical departure from old ideas with exciting future-proofing and sensational concepts that give home dwellers even more design freedom and choice than previously thought possible. We have simply eliminated the worry of choosing fixed left or right corner sets.

Imagine the freedom of being able to fit a Sectional sofa in one area of the home and then being able to separate it up into different configurations and use in other rooms. What happens if you move someday and you can no longer fit that once loved left/right fixed shaped sofa into your new space? With the new modular designs this is no longer a problem. Deliberate and intentional living is defined in the new modular sofas. This new way of thinking and design is about choosing quality functional furniture that withstands the changes and needs of contemporary minimalistic living.

The Adagio luxury modular sofa with feather comfort

Expand Furniture designed a corner modular piece that eradicates the need for left or right sofa restrictions. True Modular Sofa Pieces that are highly adaptable. The corner module for these sets have clever equal measurements that revolutionize the furniture world: Left corner = Right Corner = Left Arm Seat = Right Arm Seat. Our corner pieces are designed to be both left and right. Middle seats and Ottomans can line up as you wish. Huge flexibility and interchangeability give you maximum freedom. Each piece is a stand alone. Truly Modular designs that lend themselves to play as well as function.

Modern condo living space is becoming more compact, often the living room space is compromised with an unexpected size or shape. From a long skinny living room to a zig zag or rectangular shape, these modular designs give you options as well as future proof adaptability if your space changes.

Create a 3 or even a 5 seater essential piece contemporary sofa, affix a chaise anywhere for lounging, insert space breaks for decor or spatial configuration needs or make a larger 5 seater sectional. This modular concept is adaptable and allows you to separate portions of the set for use in tight spaces in small apartments. Each piece has a deliberate use and function. Configure the pieces all together to make a larger sectional sofa set, or separate them for use as individual chairs, love seats or chaises –  the choice becomes entirely yours with smart sofa design.

You have complete control of your living space in the choice of the pieces you want to combine.


Have fun by creating new shapes, mix and match with modular pieces and reinvent the traditional way you would think about furniture. Weighted modules stay together when seated. Sets built with as little as 3 smart modules (Corner, Single, Ottoman). With the new modern apartments the footprint is smaller and smaller with tight squares and wide rectangular rooms – often with a tiny open concept living-room-kitchen design, the “living room” can no longer fit the traditional L-shaped sofa configuration. True modular shapes mean you can still have a long/wide three seater couch but when you want to move a piece out for conversational purposes or to accommodate your weary feet at the end of the day on the ottoman, you can do this easily.

Basso Modular sofa set from expand furniture

Future-proof your home by choosing modular sets that are equally sized so that you can downsize or upscale your set anytime.

Check out Some of the designs here.
Soft Cube

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