How to Save Space with New York City DIY Loft Bed Kits

DIY Loft Bed Kits save space in New York City

Big city living isn’t known for expansive homes and apartments. You can spend a pretty penny in places like New York City and still wind up with an apartment that’s half the size of most Midwest homes.
When you don’t have the floor space you want, taking advantage of vertical space can prove to be the solution. NYC space expanding furniture such as our loft bed kit can help you create the space you need. Here’s how:

Create an Entire Bedroom

The name “loft bed kit” might make you think that you’re only creating a bed on stilts — sort of like a bunk bed without the lower bunk. However, DIY loft bed kits actually have much larger platforms. You can create an entire bedroom on one of these loft kits.

For example, the New York DIY Loft Kit by Expand Furniture features enough space for a bed, a dresser and even a nightstand or a small bookshelf. If you live in a studio space, you can create a separate area for your bedroom without having to section off the floor with dividers or curtains. You’ll have your privacy, and you’ll have more space for entertaining.

Create an Office Space

A home office can feel like a luxury when you live in a big city like New York City. Instead of sacrificing the luxury or cluttering up your space by trying to cram one in, you can use a loft bed kit to open up an area for an office.
If you use a larger loft bed kit, you can put your entire home office on the loft. If you use a smaller kit, you can either put a bed on the loft and set up a desk below it, or you can set up a small office area on the loft platform with just a desk and a small bookshelf. Either way, you’ll have the dedicated working area you need.

Affordable Space Saving Furniture in New York | Expand Furniture

Create Storage

A lot of the clutter in our homes can come from items that we need to keep but don’t actually use every day. These things could include Christmas decorations, old photo albums, sports equipment and childhood mementos. In a big city, you aren’t likely to have a lot of closet space or a separate garage in which you can store these items.

You can set up a DIY loft bed kit and create a mini-storage area. Just set up a few shelves and stock Tupperware bins or other organizational systems for the things you need. You’ll be creating your own attic space in your small apartment or studio.

Expand Furniture sells a variety of DIY loft bed kits to help you create the space you need in your home. These kits are customizable so you can get the features you need. By putting in a little elbow grease yourself, you’ll also save money. Explore our catalog to find the loft bed kit to meet your needs and complement your space.

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