The advantage of space saving furniture

stretch out

The advantage of space-saving furniture – It lets you stretch out

With the cost of living skyrocketing in cities like New York, Vancouver, San Francisco and more the need for space-saving furniture designs is now greater than ever. It is not uncommon to have a small space in the city that you live in.  Utilizing furniture that gives you a greater amount of floor space can help make sure that you can remain comfortable even in a studio or loft size apartment. Or perhaps your family could use an extra room for guests or when another child is on the way and you need that larger area. The space-saving furniture available through our company serves many functions and is designed to fit into your space without taking up too much of your floor area.

Convertible White Box Coffee Table by Expand Furniture

Some of the space-saving furniture that we have available includes folding tables which means you can enjoy a dining area that converts back into the living area after you’re done with it. Our folding tables make it easy for you to have convertible rooms within your home. Just as you may have seen in many design pages and blogs, more and more people are converting their space for the activities that they are taking part in, rather than simply having set furniture or decor that offers no excess storage or conversion. Every piece of furniture in our catalog is designed to offer either extra storage or provide some type of conversion so that you can save space and have space readily available for the activities that you need to complete. Folding tables make it easy to entertain or for your family to have a sit down dinner even in a small space, many of our folding and convertible dining tables can be instantly converted into other items such as desks, smaller coffee tables and more. All of the pieces will lock back into place and you can simply slide your furniture back into a different position giving you extra floor space available and allowing your apartment to be much larger and more comfortable for you live in.

Expand Furniture solutions to save you space and money

Some other furniture we have accomplishes many tasks. A design that we are particularly proud of is our transforming wall bed desks. By combining a bed with a desk and storage space it’s possible to have even greater floor space within your room and to de-clutter a room within a small space. While a bed and a desk may be a necessity, combining both of these furniture items into one distinct feature can provide you with a space-saving design allowing you a more comfortable space to sleep and work in.

For more information on our Philippines space-saving furniture and to learn about our smart saving ideas for your home, please visit our shop.

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