Working Your Small Space Home Office Like a Boss

work your small office
Whether you run your own business out of your home or you just work from home part-time on the side, you need a dedicated home office to improve your productivity and keep you organized. Yet many of us don’t have the luxury of a bonus room that we can dedicate to a home office, which leaves us with a corner of a room or a small nook like a converted closet.

Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of space to work like a boss from your home. With space-saving furniture, you can maximize your space and improve your organization. Here are a few key pieces you should consider adding to your home office:

Modular Shelving

Work your small office space like a boss.
Modular shelving offers the versatility to fit the needs of any office space. The units can be rearranged to take on the size or shape that you need. You can create wall shelves or even stackable cubes for a bookshelf. These units aren’t just functional — they also create beautiful, decorative storage that will improve your decor.

Monitor Riser with Cubby

You don’t need a big, fancy desk for your home office. You just need a table top and an ergonomic setup for your computer. A monitor riser will put your computer at eye level and create a space below for your keyboard. This unit with a cubby offers additional storage for keeping supplies or decorative items nearby.


Cubicles get a bad rap in office culture, but they can prove quite useful at home. You can use them to section off a space in a room for your office when you don’t have the entire room to devote to your working space. You’ll feel like you have a dedicated office space, even if it is in the middle of a larger living space or guest room. Just liven it up with the right decor, and you’ll love coming to your cubicle to work each day.

Tiny Titan

You can create conference space in your small home office in an instant with the Tiny Titan expandable console table. small office titan table A simple console desk that tucks conveniently in a corner, nook or a wall when you just need space for you and your laptop, but expands to seat up for 14 people, if you are having a business meeting or need a lot of space while working with your team. When you are done, it retracts back to the space saving console table.

Though you may feel limited by your smaller space, you’re not. Expand Furniture offers plenty of space saving furniture options for creating a home office or just to maximize the space in your home for other uses, such as a guest room or a formal dining room. We have modular shelving, convertible tables, wall beds and more. You can find both functional and decorative storage for every room in your home. You’ll create stylish decor while also getting more out of the space in your home. Explore our catalog to find the perfect pieces for your home office or other rooms or contact us today to learn more.

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