Top Space-Maximizing Hacks to Try Now!

space saver hacks
You don’t have to resign yourself to living in a small space unless you can come up with the budget for a major renovation or expansion. You can actually get more room in your home — or at least feel like you have more room — by making some smart design choices and using the right space-saving furniture.

Here are a few of the top hacks you should try to maximize your small space now:

Use the Space under Your Stairs

space saving furniture hacks
Most people just have empty space under their stairs behind the sheet rock. In rare cases, a small closet may be built under the stairs. You can easily turn the area under your stairs into usable space, creating a built-in bookcase or use modular bookcase.

If you don’t want to work with a contractor or make permanent changes to the space, you can install modular wall shelving to the area. You’ll turn that empty wall space into usable storage space.

Invest in Multi-Use Furniture

Space saving tables, wall beds, and other convertible furniture can add functionality to your home and reduce the amount of space being used. For example, console to dining tables can instantly convert a living space to a dining space with just one piece of furniture. Just expand the table, and you have the functionality you need. Yet you don’t have to have a huge table taking up space while you aren’t using it.

You can get the same benefits from wall beds, transforming chairs, and other convertible furniture.

Create an Office Nook

You may not have an extra room that you can turn into a home office, but you probably have an extra closet you can spare or a corner of a room you can use. When you think about it, you really only need a desk space and a few shelves for a home office, so the area of a closet offers just enough space. Remove the door and add the desk and shelves. Or add a desk and shelves to a small space, like a built-in bookshelf.

You can also use a wall bed to create an office nook. When the bed is up, a desk is revealed. You can get a wall bed with book case to create more storage options.

Get Rolling Furniture

furniture that saves space
Furniture that does double-duty can help you get more out of a small space. Yet moving it from room to room can be a hassle. Invest in furniture on wheels to make moving it easier, such as a trolley, for example. Chairs and space-saving tables are some obvious choices, but you can add wheels to just about any type of furniture.

Buy Fold-Down Tables

Fold-down tables are similar to convertible tables. Instead of expanding out, they have a leaf that folds up or down. You can use these space-saving tables in any room to create a study area, a dining area, or a work space.

Don’t give up on your design dreams just because you have a smaller space. Using these simple hacks, you can get more out of your space or even make your home look bigger. Just buying space-saving tables like console to dining tables can make a big difference. Expand Furniture has these and other space-saving furniture solutions to help. Explore our catalog to find what you need or contact us today for more information.

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