5 Clever Space Saving Hacks To Organize & Maximize Space In Your Home

5 Clever Space Saving Hacks To Organize & Maximize Space In Your Home

How To Take Advantage Of Every Space Of Your Home

If your New Year’s resolution was to get more organized or transform your home, you’re not alone! But it can be challenging and even overwhelming to begin the process of organizing your home. Where should you start? Which furniture should you replace? What steps can you take to maximize space?

Clever Ways To Maximize & Take Advantage of Space In Your Vancouver Home.

Make the Best Use Of Your Space At Home With Transforming Furniture!

One of the best ways to organize your home and make the most of your living space is by adding transforming furniture. With these revolutionary pieces designed for modern living, you can change the function of a room with the touch of a button. Don’t settle for bulky, worn-out furniture that takes up too much space in your living room when you can optimize your home with convertible pieces! Check out these five clever space saving hacks from Expand Furniture to help get your home organized and maximize your space.

#1: Ditch Your Table for a Revolutionary, Space-Saving Dinner Table

Yes, you heard us correctly. Dining room tables are some of the biggest space wasters in many homes, since they are seldom used and tend to collect piles of disorganized stuff. Maximize space in your home and eliminate clutter with an expandable dining room table such as the Junior Giant Revolution table, which expands to seat anywhere from 1-12 people. Tuck this amazing table up against your wall to hold plants or décor, then expand it when you need into a secure, full sized table perfect for your Friday night dinner party! 

If a coffee table is more your style, consider the Box Coffee to Dining Table model, which functions as a sleek coffee table for everyday use, then easily transitions into a sturdy table whenever you have company over or a big project to complete. A gas mechanism makes it easy to lift and lower the table. 

#2: Replace Old Dinner Chairs With Stylish, Extending & Folding Chairs

Once you’ve replaced your outdated dining room table with a modern, expandable table, you’ll want to replace your excess dinner chairs with something stylish. Consider keeping only the fixed chairs that you use every day, with space saving folding chairs available for when you need them. 

Nano Stylish Folding Chairs are built with steel and wood for maximum durability. These chairs are thin but strong and fold away into the cupboard for maximum space conscious efficiency. If an ottoman would be a better fit for your home, the Companion Cube has everything you need. Keep it next to your couch for a comfortable footrest after a long day at work, and then watch your cube easily convert into five hidden seats that pair perfectly with our Junior Giant Console table! 

For times when you need even more seating, the FlexYah Bench and Seat Pack provides the ultimate space saving solution. Condense it down into a sleek one person bench, or expand and wrap the bench around your table to seat up to 10 people.

#3: Achieve An Organized & Clutter-Free Bedroom With a Lift & Storage Bed

Declutter your bedroom with an innovative lift & storage bed, such as the Pratico Queen. Discover space in your bedroom you didn’t even know you had with a gas lift storage bed that will provide you with ample hidden storage space right underneath your mattress. It’s like having a whole new closet in your room! You can store linens, pillows, off season clothing, art supplies, shoes, and so much more inside a convenient lift & storage bed. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organized!

#4: Lift-Top Coffee Tables: A Storage Solution That Helps You Declutter & Multi-Task

Imagine just how comfortable your living room could be if you had a home for all those books, cords, and controllers that inevitably find their way onto cushions and end up all over the floor. With the Occam Coffee Table with Lift Top, you can maximize the space in your living room. Get the ultimate in efficiency along with convenient storage for complete organization in your living room. Plus, the table lifts up to form multiple spaces perfect for TV dinners, family game night, or working from home. Free up valuable space in your living room with a dual-purpose coffee table.

#5: Donate Your Furniture & Everything Else You Don’t Need!

If you haven’t used something in a year, do you really need it? Organize your home by donating clothes, old furniture, and possessions you no longer use or want. This can be one of the most rewarding ways to maximize space in your home!

Shop Top-Rated Space Saving Furniture Online!

Expand Furniture is ready to help you save space in your home and improve organization with our innovative furniture models. Whether you need additional space in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or beyond, we provide the options you need along with fast shipping and a generous warranty. Visit our website today, and don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team with any questions!


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