Best Transforming Furniture Pieces For Your Small Apartment

Best Transforming Furniture Pieces for Your Small Apartment

Enhance Your Apartment’s Look With High-Quality, Space-Saving Furniture

A small apartment does not need to be a meager one. You can pack your small apartment with a lot of style with the right furniture. And with the space-saving furniture options from Expand Furniture, you can have big style while also getting the functionality you want. You don’t have to sacrifice anything just because you have a smaller space.

Our high-quality furniture is also high style, and it can enhance the look of any space, from modest downtown studio apartments to uptown penthouses.

Best Transforming Furniture Pieces for Your Small Apartment

Decoration Ideas For Small Homes & Studio Apartments

Browse through our inventory, and you will quickly become inspired by all the things you can do for your small apartment. We make it even easier for you to find the pieces you need for each room or each use by creating easy-to-shop categories, such as hidden beds, tables, and sofas. You can also shop by room.

Here are some ideas to help get you started to find the perfect pieces of space-saving furniture for your small apartment:

Ideas For Decorating a Small Living Room

Your living room doesn’t need to be just a living room. You can make the room do double duty by using the right furniture. For example, with the Murphy Sofa Stratus, you can easily accommodate guests when they visit, or you can even turn the living room into an extra bedroom. Likewise, you can use a sleeper sofa like the Harmony Queen Size Memory Foam Sofa Bed.

You can also use your living room for study or even for dining. The Alzare Square Transforming Coffee Table can be converted into a tall table that can be used for dining or as a desk. For a different look, try The Cadence, which has a wood table top that converts to a desk or dining table.

You can do even more with our convertible shelves, our Murphy beds with bookshelves and desks, and our convertible tables and expanding chairs. You needn’t be limited by the space you have. Our transforming furniture can help you do more with that space while also maximizing your style.

Decorating Ideas for Small Bedrooms and Small Master Bedrooms

Bedrooms are usually pretty easy to decorate. Regardless of their size, most bedrooms come with the basics: a bed, maybe a couple of night stands, and a dresser. But if you have a very small bedroom, whether it’s your bonus room or your master bedroom, you may struggle to fit all you want in the room.

Expand Furniture offers several space-saving beds that will help you get more out of each of your bedrooms. With the Reveal Queen Side Lifting Storage Bed, you can store your clothes or other belongings and eliminate the need for a dresser or extra wardrobe. Meanwhile, you’ll have a stylish, platform-style bed that elevates the décor of the room.

You can also try the Hover Compact Wall Bed, which allows you to just fold up the bed when you are not using it. Then you can make use of the space during the day in whatever way is best for you. You can also use the wall bed in another room, such as a living room, to create additional sleeping space without sacrificing your overall décor.

Space Saving & Decorating Ideas For Small Dining Rooms

The dining room tends to be one of the most challenging rooms in small apartments. It often has room for only a small table, and even that can make the space feel cluttered. Rather than sacrificing the dining table in the name of style, you can use one of the transforming dining tables from Expand Furniture to maximize your space and still enjoy gorgeous décor.

The Mini Flip Compact Desk to Table easily transforms to create a dining space after the end of a day working or studying from home. Likewise, the Trojan Console Table can transform from a small side table to a small dining table. Both tables are high quality and style, and they will elevate the décor in your smaller space.

Expand Furniture Has The Space Saving Furniture For Your Needs

Expand Furniture has a large selection of high-quality, space-saving furniture that can be used in any room of your home. Explore our catalog by room or by furniture type to discover some stylish options for your small apartment or home. You don’t have to be limited by the space you have. You can maximize your style with our gorgeous transforming furniture.

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