How To Decide If a Loft Bed or a Murphy Bed is Right For You

Saving space with loft and murphy beds

You’ve moved into a small apartment in the city and want to make the most of your space. What’s the best solution? Space saving furniture can turn a few hundred square feet into several hundred square feet with its efficient use of space. Two of the most popular options for creating more space are loft beds and Murphy beds, such as the Compatto – Murphy Bed over Sofa with Floating Shelf. Each has its own advantages; one type of bed may work better in your space than the other. But both beds are fantastic pieces of space saving furniture that make the best use of space in any home.

Saving space with loft and murphy beds

Loft Beds vs. Wall Bed Systems: Understanding the Differences

Loft beds utilize vertical space by elevating the bed so that there is living space below for a desk, dining room table, or other purpose. The available options range from a twin-sized mattress to a full mezzanine, which can add a significant amount of square footage and additional space.

Wall bed systems, such as the Compatto Wall Bed Revolving Bookcase with Table, fold horizontally or vertically into the wall. These systems offer an almost endless number of options and can be converted into a bed with a space saving sofa or chair, a fold down table, or even a revolving bookcase. In the morning, the bed folds into the wall with ease so you can use the table or desk, or simply have more floor space available for the rest of your day.

Loft beds are a perfect option for homes that have 12-16 foot high ceilings. Wall bed systems are ideal for homes that have standard ceilings.

Which Bed Creates More Space?

The answer is: it depends. Loft beds, especially with a mezzanine, can add a little or a lot of square footage to your home. In very small studio apartments, a loft bed could as much as double your liveable space. However, loft beds won’t fit well into every space and are recommended for homes with higher ceilings. A Murphy bed that folds into the wall during the day like the Compatto – Italian Revolving Wall bed Single is a better option for many. While a Murphy bed does not actually create more square footage, it makes the space that you have more usable and efficient. Many Murphy bed models, such as the Compatto – Horizontal Twin Bed with Floating Desk are true space saver furniture because they incorporate built-in storage or incorporate multi-purpose features such as a desk or comfortable chair. The best choice for you really depends on the layout of your home and what your needs are.

Taking Advantage of Vertical Space with Loft Beds

Loft beds are prized by many homeowners because they essentially create a second floor of usable space in your home. With a loft bed, you can add tremendous amounts of space to your home that you didn’t realize you had by taking advantage of vertical space. Although loft beds can work in a home with a standard 8-9 foot ceiling, they look and feel much better in homes with 12-16 foot ceilings. This enables both the main level of your home as well as the mezzanine area to have sufficient headspace so that neither area feels crammed.

Loft Beds are Ideal for Separating Workspace From Living Room Space

When you incorporate space saving furniture such as a loft bed into your home, your entire home will feel larger. You’ll love having separate areas of your home for work and play. Many people use a mezzanine loft bed to incorporate a sleeping space, dressing room, or art room away from their TV, exercise space, and primary living room. If you have ceilings that are at least 12 feet high and are looking to expand the square footage of your home in order to separate work and living room space, a loft bed might be ideal.

Hover: Twin Vertical Murphy Bed

Murphy Beds Are The Perfect Choice For Rooms With Normal Ceilings

If your ceilings are closer to a standard height but you still want to maximize space in your home, a Murphy bed may be the perfect choice. You can choose from vertical or horizontal models, depending on the layout of your home and your needs. Murphy beds are the best type of space saving furniture for incorporating additional features into one compact unit. For example, the Hover Single Vertical Wall bed includes a table desk, making it the perfect solution when you need space for sleeping and studying. The desk comfortably seats two people who want to study or share a meal together.

If you have a bit more room in your home or want additional storage, the Compatto Wall Bed with Revolving Bookcase adds classic appeal and all the options in one complete package. This Italian-made space saver furniture includes a mattress and dining table that completely fold away when not in use. Turn your bedroom into a library or use the decorative shelving space to display your collections, then easily tuck it all away at night when you’re ready for sleep with the revolving feature.

When you need additional seating, the MurphySofa provides a flexible, comfortable solution that can be configured into a variety of chair, bed, and sofa arrangements to accommodate your guests.

Is It Smarter To Buy a Vertical or Horizontal Murphy Wall Bed?

No matter which configuration you choose, there’s no denying that Murphy beds are an amazing way to make any room a multi-functional space for sleeping, a home office, studying, yoga, watching TV, or whatever activity you enjoy.

A vertical Murphy bed mounts the head of the bed to the wall. This model is ideal for homes with higher ceilings and preserves space on both sides of the bed for storage, shelving, a chair, wardrobe, and more. It may also be the best choice if you have windows or doors that are close together.

If your ceilings are shorter, a horizontal Murphy bed that is mounted to the long side of the bed may be the perfect choice. Because they stay closer to the wall, horizontal Murphy beds are ideal for homes with very little floor space. You’ll love the convenient storage space above the bed for all of your storage needs.

Regardless of which model you choose, the Murphy bed is sure to add efficiency and useful space to your home.

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