Dave’s home office is used every day but he needs a guestroom

dave's mother in law is visiting and needs a solution
Dave uses a wall bed desk combination from expand furniture to solve his small apartment design

Dave’s home office is used everyday but he also has guests on occasion. He can’t convert his office into a guestroom without impacting his everyday lifestyle. Watch this video to see his solution.

Wall Bed Desk solution for your home office Dave’s Mother in law is visiting from out of town. She needs a space to sleep and the sofa just won’t do. Dave uses his office every day so it would be unwise to permanently convert his everyday workspace for an occasional guest. Dave remembers that he can buy multifunctional furniture from Expand Furniture. Hidden wall bed options are available to him so he can keep his office in tact for regular day to day work while having the option to convert to a hidden guest room when his mother in law visits. Dave purchases a MurphySofa Wall Bed Desk combination and solves his apartment issues. His mother in law sleeps on a full sized queen size bed, Dave keeps his office and everyone is happy.

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