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In Vancouver home sales are starting to pick back up again as summer approaches. You might have the perfect home for someone, but if you or your realtor aren’t staging it correctly, maximising the space, and taking high quality photos, then you might not get the right buyer or the right asking price.

There are a few simple techniques which will make a huge difference in staging.  A lot of details you can fix up without spending extra money, such as decluttering and keeping the place organised.  Showing you have a tidy home, shows you cared for it throughout the time you lived there, and makes it easier for them to focus on how they could live in their new home instead of focusing on tripping over clutter. It is okay to keep some personal things there to show it is a real home, but avoid unnecessary items, especially ones which might be getting thrown out in your next move.

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If you are selling a bachelor or studio, it is extremely important to show how you can live in the smaller space but feel like you are in a larger home which is not inhibited by the simple square footage. Multifunctional furniture is king when it comes to showing how to live large in a small space. With a multipurpose table, such as a Junior Giant, you open up a ton of room in any home as you do not need a dedicated dining area as the table compacts down. Many renovations will not increase your sale price, but an added on MurphySofa will show how a tiny bachelor studio can feel a whole lot bigger and will actually help increase the sale price. The MurphySofa, wall bed desk or revolving bed can also add another bedroom option for someone who needs an extra option.

Last but certainly not least, great photography is what will get someone into your home. Without nice photos, customers may never even view the place, so it is vital to show off the important features of your home. Too many places do not show off key features which often make or break the sale. Nice photography will get their initial interest, is it then up to the staging, and properly utilised space to get the sale!

If you would like some more tips and ideas for your small spaces, our friends at  RESAAS posted a great blog.

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